The Boy I Want to Be


I want to be this boy. He is totally masculine, while also completely and entirely submitted to the man in the boots, or perhaps to the boots themselves. The heavy chain exudes the masculinity and the earned position of the boy, while at the same time symbolizing the weight of the power that the man he is gazing up to has over him. The boy is not timid or shy. He proudly sticks out his tongue to receive the boot which is being offered to him, and he looks up with respect, admiring the man above him, and perhaps also contemplating the significance of the position that he finds himself in. The boy is masculine in every aspect, the cut of his hair, the hair on his face, the strong expression on his face and the musculature of his neck. He is even allowed to have a chain that matches his own masculine force. The only exception to this boy’s masculinity is the tiny piercing at the top of his left ear, giving the indication that this boy may not be entirely in control of his own image, that he is for another man’s pleasure.

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