My Stories

I have written a few pieces of erotic fiction. These short stories are my attempt to record key elements of my personal fantasies.

In The Court of Great Soldiers is a tale of a non-athlete entering the locker room of basketball players, and encountering the jocks.

Jason Bags and Marine is a tale of a boy capturing his desire and taking it home with him. Jason finds creative ways to play with his new-found male role model.

Motocross Slave explores a gear interest of mine, and the interactions it could have with other aspects of my fetish life.

My Sk8er follows the path of a stalker from being just a watcher to being an active deviance preying on a pack of skater boys, but one boy in particular catches his interest and becomes his challenge to himself.

Skinhead Conversion opens with our American hero strolling down a quiet street in Germany one evening, being unknowingly watched by a pack of skinheads. His encounter changes his perception of skinheads and of himself.

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