Walk into the men’s basketball lockerroom, see all the boys changing out of their uniforms and game worn sneaks, one of them catches me watching and I am forced to my knees. I am forced to lick the sweaty leather and and inhale his potent jock aroma from his sneaks.

I like a lot of things with sneakers. I get into licking sneakers, whether they are clean or dirty. I also like smelling the leather of the uppers and the rubber of the soles. Sneakers tend to carry the essence of the jock to which they belong, which makes the sneaker fetish a very intimate experience. In addition to oral and olfactory enjoyment of sneakers, I also enjoy tactile experiences. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of being walked on my a hot guy in sneakers with a tough sole. The experience can be quite painful, but it is very erotic. Other tactile sensations I enjoy include the sole of the sneaker being rubbed against my hard cock head, having soles being drug along my back (especially sk8er sneaks) and my head being pressed down by one sneaker while sucking on the leather of the other. Being trampled is one of the best feelings. There is the feeling of the weight on your body, as well as the friction with the sole, and on occasion the pressure from the guy jumping on you. There are few positions that are more helpless than that of being under the sneakers of a guy. One of my most considered fantasies is to be used as a doormat by a basketball team, or for a party. I don’t mind licking dirty sneakers, and would love the chance to eat food from the soles of a jock’s sneakers. One of the most humilating and erotic things to lick from a sneaker is cum. If a guy shoots his load on a sneaker, especially if it is mine, and I am forced to lick it off, I am in a position of blissful submission.

Other parts of my fetish involve me wearing sneakers. I love looking at my own feet in hot sneakers, and enjoy getting my own sneakers licked. I enjoy wearing sneaks while I sleep, wearing a new pair and watching them get nicely broken in, and occasionally sniffing my own foot smell from them. I like wearing my sneakers with low cut socks and shorts, or long jeans, covering up the top of the sneakers. On occasion I will wear my sneakers bare, it is usually quite an erotic feeling.

My idea of the perfect sneaker is one that is mostly leather, and is nicely wrinkled from its wear. During wear the sneaker should become very soft and gain a variety of scents, including the scent of their man. I personally love Nike Air basketball shoes, a lot of Nike’s running shoes, Adidas basketball shoes (especially SS2G), New Balance trail running shoes, almost any skater shoes and a variety of other sneaks. I am attracted to sneakers being worn many different ways, one of the things that attracts me is sneakers that are worn fairly loose.

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  1. I’m not exactly the same as this… i prefer astro turf trainers that have been fairly used… but i do like other sneakers such as nike, adidas, New Balance etc… yet the best trainers are boys trainers… depending on how they walk in them… they cant be brand new & must be worn in.

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