Nothing reminds me of my position like not being able to touch my cock, or reach orgasm in an exciting situation. Chastity is really hot in fantasy, before it occurs, but once in, it is a major mind trip. When in a state of enforced chastity, a submissive will find themselves more agreeable to the dominant’s orders. Spending time in a chastity device can also be one of the most rewarding things for a submissive, as the submissive learns their level of dedication to their partner. Chastity can enhance a lot of different types of relationships (not just dom/sub). By being asked to accept chastity, there is an expression of a positive type of jealousy, a claiming of want and desire. On the other hand, voluntarily submitting to chastity expresses a desire to belong, and also a dedication to the individual that it is being surrendered to.

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