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Perhaps the most difficult thing for me to do is to talk about myself. I am somewhat shy about my interests until someone opens me up by starting a conversation along the lines of my interests. Not being very open about my sexual interests makes things like the development of this website a challenge sometimes, and the idea of any sort of biography even harder.

I suppose for a sexuality blog I should start from the beginning, of my sexuality (not my life). Since I was about 10 or so I started noticing what guys had on their feet. Being that I was so young, and physically short, it was easy to get away with staring. My first “sneaker” memory is from being in kindergarten and this one kid had a pair of Reebok Pump sneaks. I was jealous of them, but at the time I don’t think my interests were related to anything more than jealousy. There were few notable “sneaker events” between that initial memory and when I became highly aware of the feet of other boys. In fourth grade I remember a guy in very interest Adidas basketball shoes, similar to the current Crazy 8 style, I think the guy’s name was Derrek. In sixth grade this guy, Marcus, had a pair of Nikes, I don’t remember much, except they were sort of a cross-trainer or turf design, with a black base and a green strap that went across the midfoot. At that point my interests were becoming more sexual in nature and I began becoming aroused by sneaks.

My interest was in boys who were older than me, or who seemed more mature or more popular. I liked their feet, or specifically their shoes. My first interest was always in sneaks, I liked basketball shoes a lot at that time. I still do, but they are no longer at the center of my focus. I suppose in a lot of ways my base interests have not changed. I still get excited by guys I perceive as stronger or more socially successful and dream of playing with their sneaks, or more recently, their boots. Somewhere around the time I turned 16 I started becoming interested in boots a good bit as well. I think it started with Timberlands and expanded to other boots, primarily construction styles, but combat boots also caught my attention quite heavily. Also around 10 or 12, parallel to my interest in shoes, I was also interested by bondage. As far as I can remember, the interests were parallel, but not related in any way. I desired being tied up, and I was fascinated by locks, chains and other restraints. My desires for being tied up were related to rope though, so I’m not even sure if the bondage and lock stuff went together. As I got older, my interests developed a little more. Staring at sneaks and boots became desire to lick sneaks and boots of other guys. When I was about 13 I started playing with my own sneaks, and got a pair of tactical boots which I loved playing with and licking.

At some point between 14 and 16 I also developed an interest in chastity, mostly as a bondage element. I had no where near the desire for it I have now as an element of personal control and denial of orgasm. During high school my interests grew more elaborate and quite a bit stronger. Sneaker feelings combined with the bondage feelings and the concept of submission entered by consciousness. At that point I had still not had any real experience with another guy’s sneakers or boots, or even bondage. During my senior year of high school one of my online friends offered me a chastity device to try. I spent some time in it and was completely hooked. I added another interest to my list, and this one I got to try pretty soon after it entered my mind, which helped to build my interest even stronger. Also during my senior year of high school, toward the end of it, I finally got to meet one of my fetish friends in person. Jake and I spent a day together, and I was able to experience bondage, sneaker worship, a sense of helplessness and the experience of hanging out with a true friend all for the first time that day.

My interests grew from that experience. Sometimes my interests fluctuate, some days sneakers are the highest form of lust, other days I’m a total submissive bitch and feel the need to submit. My interests are spread throughout this site, from my obsession of sneakers and boots, to my flirting with devices of torment and control. The part of me not represented well in this site is the passionate and romantic feelings I have. Those feelings interact with my bondage and sneaker interests in a weird way that I cannot easily describe. Other than that, you should find everything else about my interests here. If not, comment or email me.

12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. One, I just want to say that you and Jake practically provided a service to me. 🙂 When I found jakessneaks.net, I was so pleased to find that it wasn’t just me. I do thank you for that. And two…how much for the Timbs that are on sale? XD Didn’t know how to e-mail you…and hope you can remove this comment if it’s totally public as I’d rather just converse with you about this but yeah…I’m mildly interested. 😛

  2. First of all congrats to your site, I find it really informative and share a lot of your fetishes. I have a question though, you seem to be a very hot guy… do you have a dominant side as well?

    1. I do have a little of a dominant side, only comes out with certain people though.

      1. Aaah ok. Well I’m not sure where you live but you’re so hot it’d be an honor to be locked up in chastity by you while you make out with your bf!

  3. Watched your you tube videos, love your website. Glad to find others with same interests

  4. When can you and jake wolf do a shoelaces video. Where one of you guys tied each others shoelaces together

  5. Yo what’s up? Your fetishes are cool you should email me back would love to chat I’m 33 and am in Los Angeles. Your shoes and boots are hot! Hit me up!

  6. So cool! Glad you have this to open up. And omg, I can remember seeing you and Jake meet up like…I don’t know, 10 years ago? I first came to his web, I don’t even remember which one anymore. It was so cool back then to see these things online and people like me. Also the sk8erboy guy, who today basically has a porn business lol

  7. I love the pics and videos!!! I’ve been a fan of yours and Jake’s for a long time. I’m more into rope bondage myself, I like to tie guys up in sneakers so there’s no movement at all. Would love to see your sneakered feet tied together tightly with rope, then your hands in cuffs, possibly a hogtie?? Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line to say hello and keep up the great site!!!

    1. Randy – if ever you need a willing victim to be bound, cuffed in sneakers – just let me know. British guy living in NYC

  8. I’ve been following your website, tumblr, YouTube, and Flickr accounts for a few years now. Just wanna say how great your work is. Both your photos and videos are great, but I really like your insights into your take on BDSM and fetish. Obviously, sexual interest in a fetish or act vary to different degrees, but the way you are into sneakers/boots/bondage is the closest anyone have ever aligned with my own interests (the main difference being I’m on the Dom side). It’s nice to see someone combine all of these interests together. I’d definitely be interested in talking to you more about your interests and views. There seems to be a lack of people that can articulate their attractions as well as you can.

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