Skinhead Conversion

Skinhead Conversion – Chapter 1

Nick had been in Berlin for less than a week, and he was already missing the company of his male friends back home, specifically those who took care of his sexual needs. He took this opportunity on his sixth night out to explore the city in which he was staying, and its men. He surveyed quite a few men during the evening as he walked down the street. He was used to having football players sucking his cock, so the visiting Scally lads were not quite what he was looking for, neither were the skaters, some of which seemed too eager to please. He was looking for men he could push around and enjoy pushing. When he rounded one dark corner he found what he was looking for, 5 tall, muscular skin heads. His eyes roamed over the body of the skin that was obviously the leader. The tallest, and the one with the red laces in his boots. Nick did not understand the significance of that observation at the time. His eyes scanned the men several times before one of the men yelled at him from the darkness “Like what you see, fag?”. Nick blushed, he wasn’t aware he had been staring, he averted his eyes and moved on, with the laughter of the skinheads trailing behind him. Nick continued his journey down the street, past old warehouses and other abandoned structures. The viewing of guys out and about was getting more sparse, and the area around him getting more dim. Not usually the type to be scared, he wandered a little farther into the darkness, enjoying the cool air of the night. Nick thought he heard something behind him, but turned around and saw nothing. He became increasingly sensitive to the smallest noise, even if it was just his size 13 Shox brushing some loose gravel around the sidewalk. Nick’s oversensitivity forced to turn around and head back for the more populated end of the street. When he passed by one of the warehouses on his way back, he thought he heard voices coming from it, this caused him to pause in his path. After convincing himself it was nothing, he began walking again, but before he could get clear of the end of the warehouse, his world went dark. A brief, and yet futile, struggle to get a damp cloth away from his face, then darkness, Nick was out. When Nick awoke he couldn’t move, and he was in darkness still. He tried to scream but found that he couldn’t, there was something in his mouth, something that tasted sweaty, horribly sweaty, but with a familiar cleanliness behind it. It took him a moment but identified it as a sock, since he could not manage to keep his tongue from probing the disgusting piece of foreign cotton. He pulled at the rope binding his arms and at his legs, he struggled and fought until he could feel the rope burning his wrists and ankles and he was exhausted. As soon as he stopped there was a familiar laughter that echoed off the walls. It was the skinheads, and they stepped closer to him, so that he could just barely make out that they were surrounding him. Very dim lights came on and for the first time he could barely begin to make out details of their faces, noticing the leader most prominently again. Nick’s attention fell more to him than any of the others, unconsciously staring into the cold blue eyes of the skinhead. The skin returned the stare and for an instant smiled at Nick. Nick squirmed at the expression.

The skinhead dismissed his companions, informing them that he would “take care of the fag” from there. As soon as they were out of the building the skin, who Nick later discovered to be named Edel, moved in and grabbed Nick by his balls, through his jeans. The pain made Nick tense every muscle in his body, and brought laughter to Edel. Before Nick could recover, Edel grabbed the bottom of Nick’s shirt and ripped it from his body, leaving his upper body exposed to the cold air of the night that found its way into the warehouse. Nick laid stunned at the swiftness of the pull, and how quickly Edel had made him vulnerable. Nick’s cock reacted somewhat differently, growing in length and girth, striking a considerably large shadow over Nick’s jeans. This growth caught Edel’s attention, inspiring him to unbutton Nick’s jeans and cut away Nick’s black briefs that had been shielding his cock. Edel grabbed the cock as it sprang up from the remains of the briefs, squeezing it gently. Nick had prepared himself for pain, and for a hand as cold as Edel’s eyes, but found the hand to be warm and comforting, perhaps even somewhat pleasurable. Nick’s cock grew even more when the hand squeezed it, and Nick began to moan into the sock. “You like my dirty sock fag?” Edel asked cheerfully to Nick. Nick shook his head and groaned to indicate his displeasure with the sock preventing him from yelling for help, or perhaps preventing him from yelling for harder squeezing. As if reading Nick’s mind, Edel began laying down conditions for having the sock out. “ok, heres what we are going to do, I am going to take it out, and you are not going to yell.” Edel pulls his knife open and places it near Nick’s throat “if you yell, I will make it the last time you ever yell”. Nick blinked and shook his head to agree to the terms.

Edel cut the rope holding the sock in Nick’s mouth and Nick moved his mouth in every position he could think of to stretch it back to feeling normal, but then turned his attention back to the more critical aspects of his situations. “Let me go dude” he said firmly, but yet, carefully not to yell. “Dude? That the way you Americans talk to people who have your life in their hands” Edel smiled as he hung the sock up on a piece of furniture. Nick tried his plea again “Mr. Skinhead, please let me go.” Edel only laughed harder. “Not Mr. Skinhead, and skinheads hardly ever respond to ‘please’, so try ‘Sir’ or ‘Edel’, my name”. Nick tried his originally plea again, this time, with “Edel” and not “dude”. Edel stared straight into Nick’s eyes, and in the most reassuring, calm voice he could muster, declined Nick’s request with a simple, firm “No”. The staring match continued for a few moments until Nick started pulling at the ropes again. “It won’t work” Edel states, “I have tied you well, and you are mine for this evening”. “Yours? I belong to no one du…Edel” Nick said while trying to visually asses the binds holding him. Edel began to enlighten Nick on his philosophy of the situation “You are an American tourist, obviously one that enjoys strong men, I won’t hurt you if you behave, and I think you might enjoy yourself”. Edel began rubbing Nick’s cock that had since become flaccid and a little cold. “First, Mr. American, I am going take a little control, so you can just relax, since nothing you can do will change what is happening to you.” Nick looked at Edel, studied his face and tried to asses the situation, deciding it best to give the guy obviously in control a little trust, he whispered his name “Nick”. “What was that?” Edel barked. “Nick, my name is Nick”. Edel drug a heavy wooden crate towards Nick, and began rumbling through it until he found what he was looking for. He placed a cold metal tube and ring on Nick’s exposed abs, causing Nick to tense them slightly. “and this is a chastity device” Edel stated as he rubbed the cold metal over Nick’s body. “Whats it for?” Nick inquired. Edel was all too eager to answer, in a somewhat serious tone “lets call it an introduction to German engineering. This little thing is going to separate you the most you have ever been apart from your manhood”. With that statement, Edel slid the ring over Nick’s cock and balls and began rubbing his cock until it was firm again. He stroked Nick’s sock until the head turned a hint of purple, then backed off, let Nick soften partially, and then repeated the entire procedure. Nick was up and down nearly seven times and he could feel the weight of his balls increasing, and he was moaning for Edel to finish him off. “ok, I’ll finish you off” Edel snapped as he lubed Nick’s cock, just before shoving it into the tube. Edel laughed at the expression on Nick’s face. Nick had never seen anything like the device before, and certainly did not like the feel of a steel tube over his cock. The skinhead pulled a lock from his pocket and slid it onto the device, making a point of locking it slowly, to make sure Nick heard it close. Nick’s expression only worsened and he whimpered upon realizing the amount of control that Edel had just gained, and how much the stakes had just increased in this game.

As if nothing had happened, Edel closed Nick’s pants and began speaking calmly to him again, “So, you like skinheads?” Nick couldn’t believe the situation as it had just occurred. It was as if the skinhead had multiple personalities, or perhaps was bipolar (all part of the greater mindfuck). Nick tried to shift from thinking about his cock to having a conversation with Edel. He didn’t shift before Edel became impatient, “well? do you? You sure stare at me enough”. Nick stuttered out “”. “Why?” Edel demanded. This caught Nick off guard, having to force himself to be truthful and not hide himself as he had been accustomed to doing at home, “You are all so, muscular, beefy and have a stern, untouchable disposition, and you are just so…” Edel cut him off “All these compliments won’t get you free any faster. So is it true to say you admire us?” Nick quickly found an assertive “Yes” in his voice. “Good” was Edel’s response. Edel returned to digging through his box, pulling out a wooden box labeled “Haarschneidemaschine und Rasiermesser”. Having no meaning to Nick, he did not know what to expect. Edel pulled a blindfold from a bag in the box and placed it over Nick’s eyes placing him back in darkness. Nick felt something cold going on to his left wrist, and recognized the sound of handcuffs. Edel cautiously untied each wrist and forced them behind Nick’s back as he forced Nick to sit upright. Nick fought Edel at getting the cuff on his right wrist, but Nick found himself defeated and cuffed. Edel untied one of Nick’s ankles and placed a cuff on it as well, but secured the steel restraints to both ankles before letting the other go. Nick was encouraged to his feet, at which time he discovered that he had at most 12 inches between his ankles, he wouldn’t be making a run for his freedom this time.

Edel shouted “Marsch” behind Nick as he pushed him forward. Nick felt himself being directed to a specific spot and then felt himself being pushed backward, finding a heavy iron chair to catch him on the way down. His arms were pulled above him and then over the back of the chair, then the cuffs were locked to the chair and he could not move very much, a similar event occurred at his feet, locking his ankles to the chair at two separate positions. Finally he felt rope being tightened around his upper body, he wouldn’t be wiggling far. He was left for a few moments, during which he put great pressure on the rope holding him. When Edel returned Nick heard a strange buzzing sound approaching his head. He leaned his head forward to move away from it. “No, sit straight weibsstück!” Edel ordered directly into Nick’s ear, causing him to jerk his body to a straight position. The buzzing resumed, and Nick slowly moved to avoid it. The buzzing stopped and Nick sighed. The moment of relief was quickly broken by the feeling of something leather being slipped around his neck and tightened. Edel placed rope through the loop on the back of the collar and pulled it tight against the top rail of the chair back, preventing further head movement of his captive. For a third time, the buzzing of the clippers approached his head, this time making contact and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Nick had never kept his hair at a great length, but not that close either, always somewhere in the middle, like the rest of his somewhat preppy friends. He felt the hair falling and began feeling the air against his head. He decided not to fight it, fearing he might loose more than hair if he did. Edel’s hand grasped him firmly right above the collar, reminding him of the earlier threat. After several minutes the noise of the clippers stopped and an aerosol whooshing sound took its place just before the feeling of cold shaving cream hit Nick’s head. He began to comprehend what was happening to him. Whereas admiration sometimes leads to voluntary emulation, in this case, admiration lead to forced emulation. The complexity of the emotions gave Nick a hard on, which ran directly into steel. He moaned at the feeling, causing Edel to chuckle, but not loose the steadiness of his hand as he swiped the razor across Nick’s head. The end of the ritual is signaled by a bottle of water being poured over Nick’s head. It cools quicker than Edel can rub a towel over Nick’s head and torso and Nick shivers. Once dry, Edel begins rubbing over Nick’s body, pinching his nipples to get a reaction from him. He then rubs Nick’s head “How does it feel? You like?” Nick wiggles the little he can as Edel touches him and reacts with concern for what has happened to him “I don’t know, why did you do this to me?” “The best way to experience skins is to be one, you will be one of us for a while or maybe forever.” Edel responded. “If I am going to be one of you guys, why am I still restrained?” Nick inquired. “Because we are a brotherhood, and you are a new member, you will learn to trust us, which means at first, you will learn to be controlled by us.” Edel whispered at Nick as he removed the blindfold. “I was going to take off the collar, but I think its a good look for you. However, there is something else that must go”. Edel reached down to Nick’s feet and briskly removed his shoes from his feet, then tossed them across the room. “Skins don’t wear trainers, skins wear boots” he explained.

Edel released the locks holding Nick’s hand and ankle restraints to the chair, then forced him to his feet, pushing him to the center of the room. Edel removed the cuff from Nick’s right wrist and then relocked it with authority once he pushed Nick’s hands in front of him. He pressed a remote in his pocket and a chain descended from the ceiling. The chain went to Nick’s navel, at which point Edel locked the handcuffs to the chain and retracted the chain as far as he could, leaving Nick’s feel barely touching the floor. “Another thing we must do, is test your endurance for certain things” Edel states as he grabs Nick’s balls and pulls down on them firmly, causing Nick to yell in pain. Edel then attaches as hollow cylinder around Nick’s sack, screwing it closed with a hex wrench. Edel holds the cylinder in his hands “I am going to drop it, it is about thirteen-hundred grams, or 3 of your American pounds, lets see how you handle it”. Nick looks very nervous, tenses himself, including his balls, and Edel releases the cylinder, causing Nick to not be able to hold his balls tense any longer, they drop, causing him great pain. Nick’s body tries to collapse over, but this only places more weight against his wrists. Nick straightens himself to appear to handle it well, thinking it may get Edel to let him go sooner and get him out of further painful rituals. Edel’s face does not say impressed. “You handled it ok, but you still need work, we need to toughen you” Edel approaches Nick with his knife drawn, holding it in an aggressive posture, looking Nick over as if he were looking at fresh beef. Edel walks around him, disappearing behind where he can not be seen. Nick feels something moving down his ass, near his crack. There is the sound of denim being cut and ripped, and then the familiar feeling of being exposed as the pants were violently torn from his body. Nick then felt something on his back, something with a sharp point at the top of his left shoulder, the point moved along his back in smooth lines that felt like they dug into his flesh, but with no residual pain after a few moments. “What are you doing to me?” he objected. “Oh, just making something a little more proper, giving you a name while you are a skin, you will be ‘Roth’, and its inscribed on your back. It means ‘red head’, but for you it will mean red’s, that’s my designation, skinhead. You are mine until you earn your place”. Shivers went all over Nick’s body. He was not emotionally prepared for this depth of becoming a skinhead. He just found them intriguing, but now he found himself becoming more like one, as he imagined the writing on his back looking somewhat like a tattoo. “Now brother Roth, we should get you outfitted” Edel said as he pulled out clothing and what appeared to be boots. The restraints were removed from Nick’s ankles and bleached jeans were put on, jeans tighter than what he previously had worn. They held his restrained, but still excited, cock back against his body firmly. As he zipped, Edel rubbed the steel tube, “bet you wish you could feel that. Too bad you are in there for a while”, and then Edel pulled out his own enlarged cock and stroked it in front of Nick, causing what can only be described as a look of envy in Nick’s eyes. “Now to put boots on you” Edel affirmed as he held up a pair of boots that appeared to be in less than new condition. “18 hole ranger boots, an old pair of mine, they will be yours until you earn new ones, but you will have to earn these as well, or else be a bare foot skin”. Nick looked puzzled and asked “Earn? How?”. Edel pushed the boots closer to Nick’s face, causing Nick to turn his head slightly “well, for starters, you are going to lick my old boots for the honor of being allowed to wear them”. Nick turned his head away and refused to lick Edel’s generous offer. “Thought you might feel that way” Edel said through a devilish smile. Edel produced a box of candles from under the table Nick was originally placed on. He raised the chain for Nick’s cuffs and placed a short metal stool under Nick’s feet, allowing him to rest his feet flat for the first time since he was stood in the middle of the room. Three large candles were placed under the arch of each stool and then lit. “It works like this Roth, you will lick these boots because these boots will protect your feet. That flame will heat up the metal very soon, and I won’t extinguish a single flame until you lick, and if you piss me off I’ll add more”. Nick begged for another way, any other way to not have his feet burned. “This is the only way, this is the way we always do this” Edel informed him. Nick held out for a while, but the stools soon became warm, and his arms were too tired to pull him up. “I’ll do it, I’ll lick your fucking boots! Just blow them out” Nick cried out as be began shifting from one foot to the other. Edel held the boots to Nick’s mouth. “Lick first!”. Nick held his tongue out and frantically licked at the boot to save his feet. Edel pulled the boot away after a few strokes with Nick’s tongue, then grabbed his foot, and placed one boot on his bare right foot. Edel then put the other boot to Nick’s mouth for a more thorough licking, which he enforced by grabbing Nick’s heavy balls when he was slack. Nick licked every visible surface of the boot, including around the inside of the collar. The entire boot shined with his saliva. Edel placed the boot on Nick’s already raised left foot, then forcefully removed the other boot to make him lick it again. When the licking was complete, Edel released Nick from the chain and kicked the stools out of the way. “Extinguish them Roth!” Edel looked at the candles and back to Nick’s confused face “Stomp them out brother”. Nick took two steps forward and stomped out both groups of candles, feeling somewhat victorious over them for what he went through, as the taste of dirt from the boots gradually began to leave his mouth. Edel recognized the look of a guy who was tasting dirt and did his best to reassure Nick “its ok, you’ll do better next time”. “NEXT TIME?” Nick squealed. “Yes, you will learn to do it well, you will even learn to lick them on my feet”. Nick silenced himself and tried to hide his look of disgust. Edel still catches the look but decides to dismiss it and move on to another topic. “What exactly did you think would happen when you first stared at me tonight?” Nick began laughing, and becoming somewhat hard in the tube, causing himself pain “well… I thought I might have one of you bad boys on your knees sucking my cock.” Edel studied his victim for a moment, then grabbed his neck and encouraged him to his knees, holding on to the collar to keep him there. The skin pulled out his cock, directly into the face of Nick. Nick tried to pull back, but couldn’t. Edel rubbed his cock along Nick’s cheek and then placed the head touching his lips. Nick refused to take the cock into his mouth, for which, Edel slapped him. He still refused and Edel placed his hands over Nick’s nose and mouth, slowly counting to 30 before releasing him to gasp for air. During the gasping, Edel shoved his cock as far into Nick’s mouth as he could, and began pushing and pulling Nick’s head to a rhythm of his liking. When Edel was ready to reach his climax, he pulled out of Nick’s mouth, much to Nick’s comfort, but Edel shoved his cock down beside Nick’s left foot in the boot. Nick’s face was overcome with disgust and a little embarrassment. Edel stood up, clearly proud of his work “see how that feels until it dries there beside your foot, those drops on the outside are sure to get some looks when they dry”. Nick is allowed to stand and he looks at his boot, dripping with Edel’s cum, a fresh reminder of what he was forced to do. While Edel has his back turned Nick begins quietly heading for the door. He is very confident in his attempt, until he presses the lever to open the door and it doesn’t budge, it is locked. “I wondered if you would try that” Edel’s voice boomed from across the room. “You still don’t trust me, so you have forced me to keep you here longer until you do trust me and have truly become one of us”.

Skinhead Conversion – Chapter 2

Edel approached Nick and moved his hands behind his back again, and placed restraints around his boots, then forced him into a corner, where he attached the restraints to a hook in the floor, forcing Nick to stand in the corner, facing the room, and his superior skin. “Not very smart there Roth, you are still cuffed, have a steel cage on your cock, and have a weight on your balls that uses a rare screw type, so doubt you would get far”. Edel scolded Nick. Nick smiled “a boy has got to try”. He knows Edel is right and that the only way out is by being released. “okay, I won’t try to escape, I’ll do what you ask, seems easier to just give in”. Edel looks at Nick’s statement with skepticism and decides to test him “in that case, get your ass on the floor and start licking my boots!”. Much to Edel’s surprise, Nick lowers himself careful to the floor and wiggles as close as he can to Edel’s boots. He takes a deep breath, smelling the leather, which excites him in a strange way, before he sticks out his tongue and begins lapping at the boot. Edel seems pleased that Nick is doing as he was told. “Keep this up and you will be a strong skinhead.” Nick tries to pull his legs up as he get more and more excited, but is soon reminded that he is chained to the wall. Edel moves closer and stares down at Nick, Nick avoids eye contact and finds himself staring at Edel’s boots.

Nick sees his reflection for the first time in the skinhead’s boots, he sees his face and the collar around his neck. The situation no longer seemed so bleak, but he felt as though he was in a challenging position, one which would require great personal strength to overcome. To take his freedom as a man again, he would have to become a skinhead, in all possible ways he can. Even if he escaped now, he could not feel free unless he had met this challenge.

A forceful, but light kick to his cheek broke Nick’s thought process and brought him back to his reality at the feet of a powerful skinhead. Edel unlocks the restraints from the floor and pulls Nick to his feet. His eyes remained drawn to the shine of the skinhead’s boots. “Good job eh Roth?” Edel mocks as he flexes his toes in his boots, causing an erotic creaking leather sound. Nick laughs quietly, then momentarily looks at Edel to smile before casting his gaze back to the boots. “What is your feeling? Where do you belong?” Edel prompts. Nick lowers himself to his knees before looking up at Edel, “Wherever you tell me to be. I want to be a skin, I want to learn”. Edel laughs “hmm… in that case, will have to make this more challenging for you”.

Edel went again into his box, which by now Nick had developed a fear of. Edel extracted a black bag and a bottle from the box. Edel commanded Nick to stand a walk to a piece of furniture near the wall. Nick walked towards the wall until he ran into a wooden wall that reached his the base of his pecs. “Halt!” yelled Edel. Edel then came over and opened the top of the wall. There was not enough light for Nick to see what he was standing in front of. Edel pushed Nick’s neck down and pulled his arms into position beside it. It was when the piece of the wall came back down around his neck and wrists that Nick realized he had been placed in stocks. Hearing the cold, heavy padlock snap into place was the first time Nick felt he was going to panic. He was in a very uncomfortable position and had no hope of freeing himself. Edel placed his hands on Nick and began rubbing his sides gently with the tips of his fingers. The sensation was mildly tickling, causing Nick to shiver and squeak as he tried to hold back laughter. Edel continued rubbing Nick and groping him affectionately until Nick was calm. Once Nick was calm, Edel pulled down the zipper at the back of the jeans that were protecting Nick’s ass. Nick reacted with surprise when he discovered that the jeans had such a vulnerability. He instinctively tried to move his hands to cover his ass, but found himself firmly held by the stocks. Edel opened the bottle he had brought with him and sprayed some of its contents into the opening in the jeans, and to Nick’s horror, into his exposed hole. Nick felt the slimy texture and recognized it as lube, he began to pull hard on the stocks, but they held firm. “Edel, please don’t do this” Nick pleaded. “Do what brother Roth? Don’t want to be opened up and feel something inside of you?” Edel teased as he began rubbing his fingers over Nick’s vulnerable hole. Edel pulled a small plug out of his little black bag and positioned it at Nick’s hole, instructing him to “hold on”, and began pushing, against Nick’s screams and protests.

Nick tried to squeeze his hole closed, but it was no use, Edel’s strong hands forced the tip of the plug to violate his aperture. Nick found very quickly that it hurt less if relaxed and didn’t resist. Nick yelled through his moaning for Edel to stop pushing it in. Edel refused his request and put more force behind the plug, causing Nick more pain. Edel was glowing with pleasure as he forced Nick to experience having the plug forced into him. The resistance is what Edel lived for, the chance to place another male into a position of absolute vulnerability where the only option was pain or surrender, two choices most men do not like. Nick eventually could not block it any longer, his muscles began to weaken and had no choice but to let the intruder proceed in. Edel let out a deep rumbling laugh as it became obvious that Nick had surrendered and finished pushing the plug in, knowing that he had Nick right where he wanted him. Once the cap of the plug was firmly against Nick’s hole the room silenced. Edel rubbed Nick’s head in comfort as Nick’s heavy breathing began to slow and tears began to run down his face.

After Nick stopped crying, Edel released the lock and opened the stocks, freeing his captive. Nick stayed silent, looking into Edel’s eyes, looking for an answer as to why he did it. As if reading his mind, Edel gave Nick his answer “It was your last barrier, the last thing I knew you wouldn’t want me to do”. Nick nodded his head in agreement. Nick slowly stood up to directly face Edel, feeling the soreness in his body as his lifted himself up to an erect pose. Nick moaned as him stretching himself caused the plug to hit him in just the right way. Edel grabbed the balls hanging below Nick’s steel encased cock, squeezing gently and rubbing. Nick moaned loudly, which brought a smile to Edel’s face. It was obvious that the situation aroused Nick, but he tried to hide it. Edel pulled Nick’s jeans up, being sure to place his hand on Nick’s crack, just to reinforce the part where he is leaving the plug in. “Are you not taking it out?” Nick asks, once recovering from the intense feeling of having it pushed on. “Nein” answers Edel, as he grabs for Nick’s nipples and pinches firmly, with a slight downward pull, taking Nick to his knees. Nick reacted in pain and yelled out as he landed.

Edel thew a black polo shirt at Nick. Nick was in a daze of feeling, and didn’t react in time to catch it, causing it to land on his head. Nick breathed in, the shirt smelled like Edel. Slowly he put the shirt on, letting the soft fabric rest against his throbbing nipples. Edel knelt in front of Nick, reaching around him to unlock the collar that had been placed on him. Edel’s armpits where about level with Nick’s nose. Nick’s curiosity got the best of him and he took a deep breath. “Like that do you eh Roth?” Nick moaned and rubbed the steel tube through the jeans, hoping to feel something. Edel finished removing the leather collar, sitting it aside, before pulling a heavy chain out of his pocket. He let the cold chain rest on Nick’s neck, letting him feel the coldness of the chain before putting the lock in place on it, letting the lock rest at the top of the shirt. Nick’s hands reached up to his neck to feel the chain, and to confirm that Edel had actually locked it in place. “That’s going to stay there for a bit Bro” Edel smirked.

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  1. Very nice Story, like to read more about Edel and Nick becoming a skin bottom.

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