Motocross Slave

Justin and I have been friends for a while, I thought I knew everything about him, but I guess I was wrong. I recent took an interest in motocross as a hobby.

Monday my motocross gear finally arrived, and Justin was interested in seeing me in it. I thought maybe I should suprise him, so I decided to wear it when I went to pick him up the other day. I got all dressed up in my gear, from my Fox boots all the way to my yellow and black Fox jersey with the silver airframe in place. I was about to put my helment on, but decided it would be bad while driving. I walked to my car, feeling a little strange being out in my new gear for the first time. I got in my car and put the helment on the seat beside me. I went to Justin’s house and drove up to his driveway. I got out of the vehicle and grabbed my helment, then causiously went towards the door as I didn’t know what type of reaction to expect. I rang the doorbell, Justin opened the door before I could get my helment on, he invited me in. “hey Curtis, how are you? I need just a minute to finish getting ready”. What the fuck? Did he not notice that I was standing in his living room in full motocross gear? Was it just an illusion? I was going to follow him up to his room, but given the stiffness of the new boots I decided to just wait downstairs for him. I was invited to sit while I waited,but as I usually do when nervous about something I continued to stand. A few minutes passed, he returned downstairs and announced “ok, I’m ready. Whats the plan for today?” I responded “I don’t know, thought we would hang out and find something to do, You have any ideas?”. He shrugged and came towards me as we walked towards the door. I felt a sudden hit to the back of my knee, Justin had kicked me. I fell to my knees and Justin grabbed the back of my neck, assuring that I wasn’t getting up. “Whats up with you dude?!?!” I shouted. “Oh nothing, you will see” he stated as I heard the sound of handcuffs being applied to my wrists. Then he pushed me to my stomach “we are going to have some fun today, but first you are going to clean my sneaks”. As my best friend put his shoes in my face I turned away, he grabbed my head and forced me to make contact with his shoes. I didn’t know what else to do, so I just started licking, they weren’t that dirty. The whole time I was licking his black Nike basketball shoes I was thinking to myself “ok, just amuse him and then we can get on with the rest of the day”. When his shoes were clean to his satisfaction he helped me to my feet but then pushed me to a sitting position in a chair, he put my feet on an ottoman and then grabbed some duct tape and secured me to the chair “Dude, whats going on? You are starting to scare me a little”. “Don’t worry about it MY little motocross bitch.” Once I was secure he started licking the tops and sides of my boots, but then slowly released the buckles and slid them off of me. He quickly disappeared with the boots and then returned a few minutes later without them. “ok bitch, the boots are hidden, but what you need to understand now is that they now belong to me and so do you”. “Dude, that isn’t fair” “sure it is” At this point my biggest fear was going into the world without my boots and feeling totally humilated, and since logic was failing me I decided to go with my next talent, begging. “Please Justin, Please let me have the boots back, ill do whatever you want”. He laughed a bit of an evil laugh and said “You’ll do whatever I say whether you have them or not”. I decided to try to possibly reason with him again. “If you won’t let me wear my boots,can I at least wear a pair of your shoes…or the sneaks I let you borrow last week?” he thought for a moment “ok, I will let you wear the ones you let me borrow”. He left and returned quickly with the shoes, as well as a large knife. He put one of the shoes over my face and made me smell it, then told me to kiss the shoe, I did. He then backed away a little and plunged the huge knife into the side of one of the shoes and then pulled it around some. He continued with the knife until one of the shoes was completely destroyed, then he threw them both at me. “ok, there they are, you sure you want to wear those?”, I responded “No dude, please, why are you doing this to me?”. “I’m doing it because its fun, but since you seem to have a problem not wearing footwear, then maybe we can work something out”. “Like what?” I asked. “Well, how about I tickle you for 5 minutes and if you don’t try to give up or tell me to stop, then you will be given the chance to look for the boots”. It didn’t seem quite fair to me, but he was obviously in charge. “Ok” I said. He removed my socks and began tickling my feet, and then moved up my leg to my most sensitive points, finally attacking my ribs. I don’t know how but I managed to make it to the 5 minute point. Regrettfully he released me from the chair, but left me cuffed, applied a pair of leg irons to my ankles and let me look for my boots for a period of 5 minutes. At 4 minutes and 55 seconds I found them, tied to the shower rod in his bathroom. I had to remove the rope he tied them there with using my teeth and had to carry those heavy boots back to him with my teeth. He smiled and said “I still get the better end of the deal, On your knees”. I drop to my knees as I am no longer in a situation to protest. He produces a leather collar and small lock from the bag in the corner, he locks the collar on me and says “just a little extra precaution to make sure you dont try to do anything stupid”. He held on to my boots and socks, but let me out of the cuffs and leg irons, then told me to sit down and relax a little. I sat in the same chair I had been bound to/in. “You look really hot in that gear man” he stated, I replied “thanks,but what was with the wonderful welcome?” “oh, I saw you in your gear and almost popped a boner when I opened the door, and I just couldn’t resist” I looked at him in what I suppose would be a somewhat quizical attitude, then he stated “I had a lot of fun, but I intend to have more fun with you today. After about maybe an hour he said it was getting late and we should go, I tried going for my boots, but he guarded them carefully, then pushed me away. Justin went for his bag again and produced a leash, which he attached to the collar and used to lead me to my car. I got in the car and waited for him, he went back inside to get the boots, socks and my helment. He put that stuff in my trunk, then got in the car beside me and removed the leash and told me we would be going to my house, but that he had just called to arrange for a guest to meet us there later, if I cooperate the guest would be called and told not to be there, but if I didn’t, then nothing would be done and I should be prepared to be humiliated. Me being afraid of the unknown I decided to cooperate. We managed to make it to my house without discussion the situation that had occured or anything like that, just a fairly normal conversation. Finally, we arrived at my house and I thought maybe I could calm down a little and maybe he would be a little intimidated to do much to me since it is my house.

At this point I didn’t know what to expect, but it didn’t take long for me to find out what Justin had up his sleeve this time. As soon as we were out of the car he ordered me to strip to my boxers. I was a warm day, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Once I was stripped the leash went back on, and so did the handcuffs. He lead me into the house and he took his clothes off and began putting on my gear, he told me I would remain unclothed for a while. He finished putting on my gear by putting on the boots, at this point I think my jaw dropped, I was so amazed at how he looked in the gear. Could I possibly be attracted to my best friend while he is dressed this way? I think the question was answered as I fell to the floor and asked him for permission to lick HIS boots. He shrugged and said “if you want”. At this point I began conflicting with myself as I wanted to so badly take my gear back and be dressed again and also at the same time wanted to lick his entire suited body. The afternoon was fairly calm and he called William to tell him not to come, but I was still Justin’s slave, Justin’s toy. For a few hours we listened to music and played a few computer games, until Justin became tired and laid on my bed to take a nap, he told me to kneel by the bed while he napped and that I better still be there when he wakes up. The conflict with myself grew, then I finally decided to try to escape or at least do something. I managed to get to the handcuff key in his pocket without waking him and I uncuffed myself, then I grabbed some rope from my closet and tied his hands to the bed, then tied his legs to the bed, just above the top of the boots. I had a perfect opportunity to remove the collar, but for some reason I didn’t, I left it locked on. I finally decided with myself that while he was bound I had some control,so I could deal with my desires as well as not have to worry about him humilating me. I started licking the boots first, where I left off with them earlier, and with him laying I could pay attention to the soles and then also work my way up to the pants. When I reached to his crotch with my tounge I looked up and saw that he had been watching me the whole time, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I did what felt right, I lifted up the jersey and started running my fingers across his abs and his chest, making him gigle and squirm. I worked my way up his body to under his arms, this made him really squirm and I got so much erotic pleasure out of hearing him and seeing the look on his face. I glanced down, he was obviously enjoying this too. He looked into my eyes and I suddenly felt compelled to free him, I cut the ropes binding him…

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