My Sk8er


I watched “my” skater boys closely for months, secretly wishing I knew them personally and not just from a distance. I went over the concept in my head so many time. I considered going up to them and telling them what I wanted to do with them, after all, I just wanted to lick on their sneakers and maybe get one of them to rub my back with their soles like if I was a skateboard. Nothing too unusual about that right? No, what if they thought I was a freak and wanted to beat me up? Could I handle being rejected by them? How would I explain to other people who knew me if I did get beaten up?

Spending so much time secretly watching my skaters I learned much about them. Brad is the part time skater and part time basketball jock, very tall, strong, fast and definately hot. Brad spends a lot of time with his girlfriend. Josh is kind of short, really nice short hair, has a nice upper body build and has some really cool board tricks. Josh doesn’t seem to have a girlfriend, but seems to be independantly happy. Next, there is Jake. Jake is a little shy seeming, he is pretty quiet in his group. Early in my observations, Jake always had his girlfriend around, but a few weeks ago, mysteriously, seemingly without reason, there was no more girlfriend. When Jake’s girl was around, he at least seemed happy, but now it seemed like all he wanted to do was hang around with his skater friends, and even spend some time at the park when the rest of his group wasn’t around. It was on one such evening that I decided to get up the balls to talk to Jake. I went up to him, pretty calmly, and asked him if I could lick his sneakers. I got about what I expected, I was called a freak and sent away. A few days later I approached him a little differently, I was still calm, but I approached and began appologizing for being so forward with my request previously. He accepted my appology, but then informed me that “we don’t need any fags hanging around here”. I was completely crushed. I couldn’t even hang around with my skaters, they hate homos. I spyed on my skaters less for the next two weeks, as I got more depressed about the situation that I had gotten myself into. After a few days of not watching the skaters at all, I went back to my usual spot and started watching again. As I saw Jake with his friends, realizing that I would never even get the chance to really know him in any way but from a distance, I began to cry. When I finished crying, I became a little more determined to get what I wanted. Since I wasn’t given the chance to prove my character, just sent away as an “unwanted fag”, I decided that I needed to have a chance to tell Jake how I feel, but it wasn’t like I could just walk up to him and tell him. I devised a plan, a quite devious plan, to capture Jake.

The next morning I collected my supplies, some handcuffs, some rope, a large duffle bag, some tape and a small spandex bondage hood. I went to the park about noon to wait for the skaters to appear. At about 3PM, they finally appeared. I spent several hours watching them before eventually all of them left except for Jake. My plan was to capture Jake by hooding him when he wasn’t suspecting it, get him on the ground, cuff him, and then tie his ankles. I was moving into position to do capture him, just as soon as he finished boarding and was putting his stuff in his bag like he always does. A few moments after I was in position I heard a board bouncing on the skateboard ramp, then a thud and the sound of Jake screaming. I ran over to see what had happened. Jake was laying on the ground, he wasn’t moving at first, but a few seconds after I approached him, he began moving some. “Jake, are you ok?” I ask. He responds in a disoriented tone “yeah, I think so”. Once I confirm that he is ok, I procede with my plan, I tie him, hood him and carry him (and his board, bag, and other gear) back to my house. I hope no one sees me carrying a skater through the park, I doubt anyone did, since by this time it has become quite dark. I put my bound skater in the backseat of my car and then drive rapidly back to my house.

Once I am home, I pull into the garage and “unload” Jake, then I take him to my bedroom. I untie Jake’s ankles and put leg irons on him instead, and then I attach his ankles to the foot of the bed. I then uncuff his hands, removed his shirt and move his hands into a pair of leather bondage fist mitts that I had already attached to my bed for him. Finally, the hood comes off and his first questions start to rush in, much like a bird that has been in a covered cage for the night. “What the fuck am I doing here? Who the fuck are you? What happened to me?”. I instruct him to calm down, and I explain to him that he had a fall at the skate park and that I wanted to make sure that he was ok, and since I didn’t know where he lived (a lie, I followed him there once) I thought I would take him to my home. “ok dude, that explains where I am, but why am I fucking tied up like a thanksgiving turkey?” I wasn’t prepared for that question, so I decided to tell him the truth, “well… I have wanted to talk to you for some time now, but you wouldn’t let me, so I decided to capture you, but before I had the chance, you fell”. His memory very quickly came back to him “YOU! You are that fucking faggot who wanted to lick my shoes and shit!”. I nodded and tried to smile, it wasn’t easy. I suddenly remembered my primary objective when I started this insane little adventure, and I bounced to the foot of the bed and started licking Jake’s size 12 Osiris D3 2001 sneakers. They were a bit dirty, but definately still very horny for me. Jake squirmed and tried to pull his feet away. To make things a little more challenging for him, I put some 5 pound leg weights on his ankles. I went back to licking the soles of his sneakers, and he yelped “dude, im not a fag, stop it, dont do that!”. I sprang up and grabbed his nipples, twisted them and made him yell. I lightened the touch and started rubbing his nipples, he closed his eyes and started moaning. I noticed a slight bulge in his baggy jeans. I rubbed a hand by it, just to make sure, it was definately stiff. I moved to using my tounge on his nipples, which he seemed to not notice the change. I used my hands to unbutton his jeans, unzipped them slowly and then freed his hard cock from his boxers. He opened his eyes and glared at me “dude, im not gay, get your hands off of my cock”. I grabbed his cock hard and started jerking on his, making him moan, but at the same time, I could see the look of disgust on his face. I decided to make him squirm a little more, so I took his cock in my mouth and started playing with his cockhead with my tongue, and sucked on his cock with as much pressure as I could. I started rubbing on his nipples as I sucked on his cock, and he finally cracked, he started begging me to stop. “Come on dude, im serious, please stop, what do you want from me? I’m not a fag”. I stopped touching his body and then I looked him in the eye and asked him “well, if you aren’t a fag, why are you so turned on right now?” he replied “I haven’t had a girlfriend in a few weeks, and I guess I haven’t thought much about stimulation in a while”. “Likely story bitch!” I responded, he then yelled “I’m no one’s bitch!”.

He started to struggle against his bonds and tried to kick free. He failed at his attempts, and I of course laughed at him. I went back to licking on his sneakers, then he asked his first calm question of the entire event, “So whats with you and this sneaker thing?” I tried to explain to him as best as I could. “well, its complicated, I like you a lot, I mean, I admire you, and your buddies. I want to lick your sneakers to show respect to you. It turns me on to do things like that is a little humilating for me, and perhaps amusing for you. In general, it excites me to be a bitch to guys like you”. He then seemed curious. “If you want to be my bitch, then why are you doing this stuff to me?”, “Because you wouldn’t give me a chance to talk to you, and you wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain myself to you”. With that I sat down in a chair beside the bed, and I put my feet up on the bed, near his face. He looked at them and told me that he liked the way they looked, and he thought his friend Brad had some similar. I couldnt’ believe that this hot skater was complimenting my Nike Shox OZ. The topic quickly shifted around and back to what seemed to be on his mind from my explanation earlier. “Does the smell from my sneaks not bother you dude?”, “nope, not at all, I quite like it” I told him. “Thats cool I guess, my girlfriend used to make me leave my sneakers outside all the time, because of the smell, and the dirt I sometimes got on them, once they even got rained on because of her, that really sucked.” I sort of chuckled at the thought of my beautiful skater’s sneaks getting wet like that. He then went on to tell me about another pair of sneaks he had “I used to have this one pair of really hot basketball sneaks, hi tops, grey and black, but I misplaced them and haven’t seen them since.” I started to blush and then reached under the bed and pulled out the sneakers. He gasped and demanded to know where I got them. “I sort of took them from your locker at the park a few months ago”, “but how did you know the combination?”, “it was fairly simple, you used your birthday as your combination”, “how did you know my birthday?”, “I heard you tell a few of the guys at the park”, “how long you been watching us dude?”, “quite a while, been watching you, Brad and Josh”.

He seemed to get comfortable with me for a bit, even though his nipples were hard from the air of the room, and his penis was still laying out of his pants, and not seeming to get any less hard. Jake’s questioning of me continued, “Are you attracted to the other guys’ sneaks too?”, I told him yes, but not as much as his. Then I described to him what I had done before with some of the sneakers that belong to his other friends. I told him about following Brad home and taking his Nike Shox Sumpreamacy off of his porch, playing with them and then cumming on them. Jake was intrigued by the idea of someone cumming on Brad’s sneaks, he wanted to know why I would do that. “well, I suppose because its like claiming them, Brad still wears them as his, but with another guy’s cum on them, they aren’t exactly entirely his anymore”. As we talked about cum so much, Jake remembered his raging hard on, and wanted to know when he could get off. I told him that I would get him off once I knew a few more things about him. I asked him why it was he was so comfortable now, he blushed a little and then shyly confessed “well… my girlfriend and I used to do kinky stuff like this sometimes”. As he was describing the stuff he did with his girlfriend, I started thinking about doing the same things with him, and I took my own cock out and started stroking mine at the same time as I was stroking his. I rubbed my cock against his chest a little, threatening to jerk off on his chest, and once again got his reminder that he isn’t gay. I kept stroking his cock, then then told him to lick my sneakers if he wanted to be able to cum. He made another disgusted face, but then after i licked the toes of his once again, he timidly licked at the toes of my sneakers, but I could tell that he was sniffing at my sneakers as well. I asked him about it, he told me it was because he had never been that close to another guy’s feet before and he wanted to know if mine smelled different from his. He seemed a bit like he was a bit embarresed by something, and it didn’t seem to be related to him smelling my sneaks, then I asked the question that seemed to be relevant at the time. “By any chance have you ever jerked off smelling your own sneakers?” he shyly responded “uh huh”. I laughed a bit and told him to not worry about it.

I kept working on Jake’s cock, as well as my own, and he was practically begging me to get him off. I asked him “if I get you off, will you let me lick your sneakers and maybe walk on me?” he still seemed uncertain “i dont know dude, that still seems kind of gay” I responded to his insult by taking a marker and writing on his upper thighs, on one side I wrote “Sk8er” and on the other “Bitch!”. He looked so very embarrassed when I did that, and then I told him that I wouldn’t jerk him off and I just continued to stroke my own cock. Finally he gave in “ok dude, fine, ill do it, just don’t tell anybody and please get me off, my cock so needs it”. I started playing with his cock again slowly, and we talked about exactly what it was I wanted. As I told him more of the details, he seemed a little more comfortable with things, and then he presented me another possibility for things. Jake told me that if I wanted to be his bitch, I had to take my sneaker off and put it under his cock when I finally got him to cum. I did as he ordered, I took of one of my sneakers and put it on his chest, then I stroked his cock strongly, and got him so worked up, and finally let him shoot. He shot a huge load right into my right Shox. As soon as he was finished, I put my sneaker back on my bare foot and licked the remaining cum from his cockhead.

I quickly moved to his sneakers and started licking the soles feverishly as I stroked my own cock. I took one of his sneakers off and sniffed it briefly. god, Jake’s feet have the most awesome smell. I slid the sneaker back on his foot and continued licking while I finished off my cock. As I finished I shot my load all over his sneakers. For the first time since I started watching him, I saw Jake have the biggest smile on his face.

“So, you really like the smell of my feet?”
“yeah, I do”
“Thats so awesome, my girlfriend didn’t like my sneakers or my foot smell, you like both and you seem to understand me a little better than my skater friends”

With that, he looked at me, and I released his restraints. He pulled his jeans back up, stood up, and then pushed me down to the floor to lick the cum from his sneakers. Jake and I spent a lot more time that day talking about varying things, including his interests in sneakers and in bondage, as well as how he will handle introducing me to his other friends.

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