While I am highly addicted to sneakers and I love to wear them, boots command attention. A man’s boots deserve to be cared for, worshiped and treated with respect. I am into combat boots, work boots, hiking boots and sport-bike boots primarily, but from time to time other boots will catch my attention as well. Boots cause a very powerful response in me. I am excited by their power, by their leather and by the type of guy that it takes to wear a boot properly. Seeing a guy in the right boots makes me want to kneel at his feet, and crawl to lick the leather. I become so docile and submissive for the right boots.

I get excited by seeing guys wearing boots, but I also get excited wearing boots myself. I like heavy boots, such as my Danner Powerline, but I also like boots that I can fuck with and have their character enhanced, such as my Chippewa Super Logger. I feel amazingly horny in boots that I know that I can do anything in and not damage them, it is sort of freeing. I can let go of my own internal inhibitions regarding what I’m willing to subject a pair of footwear to when I wear boots like that. I like a variety of textures on boots. I love everything from a highly shined gloss on smooth black leather, like the finish I have on one pair of my Danner Fort Lewis, to a very natural unfinished leather, like that of my Chippewa Super Logger. For the most part, all of my boots lace-up. The exception to that is my Ariat Sierra roper boots. Typically I love the feeling of my boots being tied securely to my feet, but with the Ariat it is a horny factor that they are not secure at all. It is a trait I had to get used to at first.

At present there is a pair of boots that gives me a greater erotic and emotional reaction than any of my others, my black Hi-Tec Altitude hiking boots are shorter and lighter than most of my boots, but yet them being on my feet makes me hard, seeing them makes me want to lick them and smelling them makes me melt. The attraction perplexes me. They aren’t the most masculine, the strongest or have the most personality, but my attraction to them is unparalleled.

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