Why Thyself Unknown?

The name “thyself unknown” stems from two basic philosophies, first “to thyself be true”, basically a command to always be truthful to yourself, no matter what the outside world may see. The second philosophy is a principle of science, the belief that “I don’t know” is a required statement for there to be any understanding whatsoever. This blog is for my erotic, fetish and fantasy worlds. Those are things about me that I accept as part of me, but I don’t entirely know what that means for my general identity and so far have not managed to integrate everything into my everyday self.  I see myself as conforming socially too much presently, trying to keep the more interesting parts of myself hidden. I want to explore those parts of myself more fully, spending more time in the mindset that I enjoy so much. I also want to experiment and explore with other interests and discover really what I like and perhaps eventually who I really am when it comes to things erotic and sexual.

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