Transition to a New Identity

This blog used to be called “Sneaker Bitch”, as I used to associate myself with that identity and everything that it meant. I don’t know how much I currently associate with that identity, and thus do not feel that blogging there is appropriate anymore, however, the site will remain active. I am not just into sneakers. I am into sneakers and boots and bondage and a variety of other things that may frighten some people. I can not seem to find an appropriate name for myself, and as a result, I can’t find a domain that would seem to support this large variety of interests. There is another side to me though, when times come up that I don’t know exactly what I am into, thus I am always in conflict with myself.

At this time this blog is located on The name probably seems a little non-sensicle and maybe a little confusing, but that seems to fit. I am not just a horny guy, there are times that I am quite a bit more sensual and my other desires seem to melt away. There are yet other times that I am very submissive and need to be put in my place. Other times I like all of the erotic stuff, but its more from an aesthetic perspective and its no where near the strength when I am really into being controlled. I feel like in general there should be some consistency to a person’s personality, even when that personality is just the part of self associated with the sexual organs (either mentally or physically). I lack that consistency and therefore have no standard self-image. It sometimes sucks to not really know what to think of one’s self, but other times, its nice to have the flexibility. Sexually I’m still growing, so I think I’m comfortable with being a little more unknown to myself.

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