Facing Unknown Fetishes

I found out this evening that someone I had gotten to know somewhat online has a fetish for “dress boots”. My first reaction was “how could anyone find those attractive?”, forgetting my usual approach to being open minded about “new fetishes”. I suppose in many ways I have pre-conceived some of the interests that a person could have and have pre-rejected them and blocked them as things to consider, due to my own feelings about my fetish. I reject a professional dress style because I feel that it removes the ability for a person to have their own unique style, but yet as a contradiction to that rejection, I fully embrace military styles of dress as well as other uniforms. Perhaps it is the disguise of uniqueness that makes me need to reject it? I perceive professional dress as being a bit “fagish”, and it in general does not seem to be very comfortable. My friend’s interest is in fully conflict with what my conception of a boot/sneaker fetish is. I know clearly from where my fetish originates and can rationally trace it back to normal sexual feelings and can express it as such. I know that boots turn me on because they symbolize the power of the man in them and convey a certain confidence if the posture is right. This goes from the raw working of muscles and the use of masculine energy to accomplish a goal, whatever goal that man may have. As for the sneaker fetish, that is usually linked to athletes and the connection to activities related to enhancing the masculine energy itself, as well as the competition between males as they attempt to prove superiority over each other. I feel these things very clear, and can even understand things that do not interest me as much, such as a sock fetish. A sock is a natural extension of the boot or sneaker, and serves as a bridge between the footwear and the man. The sweat from the activity of the man is stored in his socks, allowing a very intimate access to the man, as well as providing a source of his natural scent. It isn’t something I have ever really been that turned on by in person, but I understand the fetish. Dress shoes and boots on the other hand, I do not quite understand. They are not practical first of all. I feel that a man wearing dress boots is demasculinized (I hate the term feminized, it just isn’t the same meaning) because he can not perform his full potential. The soles of dress boots tends to be smooth, whereas the sole of regular boots and sneakers supplies a grip. The difference here is that dress shoes reduce the natural friction of the man’s foot, but sneakers and boots enhance that ability. Most dress shoes/boots are also lacking laces, which prevents the footwear from being tightened to attach firmly to the man’s leg. Being loose in footwear is in itself a hazard (if you don’t believe me, ask Jake). I personally believe that men need to be allowed to be men and not puppets to a professional society. Uniforms are good, they build community and a sense of belonging, but a “professional dress code” limits choice while making men feel that they are free to make their own decisions, oh, and what about ties? Could they be any closer to being a leash? Real men do not need leashes in a professional setting. The use of business dress is something that came from our British ancestors, the same people who decided we should graduate in gowns and have judges who are in dresses.

Dress shoes and boots do not turn me on, and I am very resistant to knowing people who are turned on by them because of how easy it is for me to take on new interests sometimes, and this is one that I do not wish to assimilate into, not now, not ever.

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