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Response to: Jake’s Blog: The many sides of fetish…
I have often wondered why I get into things I do. For example, why would I want to lick dirt from the cleats if those 5 guys? Before I can even finish questioning it, I get hard and the question doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is I enjoy it, there is no reason to question the WHY of it. All things sexual seem to be about 1 of 3 things: physical pleasure, intimacy and affection. We are a generally intelligent society, and the basic barbaric fucking has been supplemented by a lot of “mating rituals” (fetishes included). Your interactions with your jock friend I believe fall into the area of intimacy. Back to your five footballers, I prefer the full moon as well, it provides just enough light to make out minor details and to highlight the white of the jockstraps.
Fetishes are a very unique type of sexual expression. In my experience, the more creative people tend to have fetishes (some don’t even realize they have them). Having a fetish doesn’t make you a freak, no matter how strange it is. The only people who are freaks are the ones who want to inflict their fetish on others without their consent, and the ones who judge people based on their fetishes. It is easy to think of anyone who isn’t like yourself as a freak, but those who are open minded quickly find similarities between what excites themselves and what excites others.
From a psychological perspective there is nothing wrong with you or your jock friend. Its quite interesting how some people try to say there is something psychologically wrong with people with fetishes (and gays), when the APA will not indicate there is anything wrong with anyone unless they have a condition which interrupts essential functioning (ability to interact with society, provide for basic health/nutrition without assistance, etc).
I really hope I get to see you in those skate shoes, they sound really hot. My perverted self wants to fucking lick those things from sole to top of tongue.
I love that picture. Look carefully at it, that could so easily be your legs going into my Nike Cortez while you are laying on my bed. (at first I thought it was)
BTW, I love how pretty your blog page is, want to redesign mine sometime?

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