The Erotics of Osiris D3 2001

I know a lot of guys find the Osiris D3 2001 quite irresistible. Jake doesn’t like them very much and I am a little undecided about how I feel about them.

For you guys who get into them, what is it that you find interesting/hot/horny about them? Please leave a comment to tell me your thoughts.



3 thoughts on “The Erotics of Osiris D3 2001”

  1. They’re the epitome of “sk8ter boy”. They’re just hot. Aside from the color ways that area almost always stunning, there’s the design. Look at the shape: they’re not the traditional form fitting foot. They’re almost booty like, giving even the most masculine and older guy a boy like quality. Also, unlike other brands, Osiris is almost exclusively skater. While some have broken into mainstream, Osiris is still only known to 2 types of people. Years ago, when I had my pair, I wore em to class one day. A guy who obviously has some skater boy in his past commented on them and ask if I skated, I said no. He then asked “what would you say if I called you a poser for wearing those?” – I told him “there are 2 kinds of guys who like these: guys who are skaters and guys who like skaters” … I should have asked him to try em on and might have gotten lucky.

  2. Do like pair of Osiris D3 think the big chunky shape is hot on guys feet the big D3 makes the guys feet look powerful and mighty. Video set of you in them being chained up my Jake to over power you and remove the D3 for something he likes will be cool.

  3. For me its the thought of what the skater is like, wearing those makes me feel like they want the control, the look that they give off while they are in them says true skater. Its hard to truly describe why, but thats the plain and simple of it.

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