How To: Send Nifty Stories to Your Kindle

You will need:



  1. Download a plain text or HTML version of the story, or copy and paste the story body to your clipboard
  2. Open or Paste your story in the word processor
  3. Save the file as RTF, being sure to fill out the “author” and “title” fields
  4. Open Calibre, click Add Books, select your RTF file
  5. Verify the metadata (title and author), if incorrect or corrupt, right-click and select “Edit Metadata”
  6. Right-click the “book”, select “convert individually”. Use the heuristic processing tab, check the first box to turn it, click convert
  7. Save the file to disk (right click, save to disk)
  8. [a] E-mail the .MOBI file to yourself from the authorized address
    [b] Reference the Calibre manual to configure the e-mail sharing functions to send directly to the device


This will work for:


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