New Kicks: Nike Shox BB4

DSC_9966_1024 DSC_9981_1024c

DSC_9984My first pair of Shox was a pair of Nike Shox BB4. I got them when I was in high school. Those sneaks got me incredibly horny and got a lot of attention. My feet have outgrown my Shox from high school by a full size at this point, so my old kicks don’t fit anymore. I thought I would never find another pair of BB4, but recently they were re-released and I picked up a hot pair of them. They are black and volt. My taste for bright colors has grown recently, but I also appreciate a little subtlety in shoes, so this is a perfect match for me.

They are absolutely delicious looking Shox and I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to show them off a bit.





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