A few months ago I acquired a new domain name with the intention of utilizing it for hosting an information website for sneaker fetishists, intended to target those who may be less familiar with the nature of fetishes and who may be seeking information to help them understand themselves. Unfortunately, my timing has not allowed me to accomplish this goal. While I can find time to generate content, and to recruit others to contribute, I have not found an appropriate platform upon which to host such a creation. As a result of this situation coming about, I have been left with the spare domain name and nothing to do with it. On the positive side, I have created a new “resource” for the sneaker community.

I have recently launched a new Tumblr blog on This Tumblr has been dedicated exclusively to sneaker fetish images. I will post shots of sneakers, guys in sneakers, guys dominating with sneakers and guys worshiping sneakers. I will feature no cocks, no bare asses, no bondage and sadly no chastity images. I am yet undecided on whether or not to feature boots on the site, my policy is no, but that may change in the near future.

I am seeking help with the project in two ways. First, I am still interested in launching an informational site, so if anyone can volunteer time to creating and or maintaining a basic dynamic website, I would be most appreciative. I can provide the content and editorial oversight that will be needed, but I am interested in collecting written content for it as well. I am looking less for fiction and more for advice and insight type of information. If the informational website becomes a reality, it will take the address, and the Tumblr will be moved to a subdomain.  Second, if anyone has sneaker fetish images they would like to contribute, I will happily receive them for publication. I ultimately want to add members to the Tumblr blog, so that there is a small group of people posting images, so that the blog might appeal to multiple tastes and not just to my own.

For now, is a minimalist playground of sneaker fetish images and I invite my readers to check it out.

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