The Bitch Is Back

Having a blog go through an identity crisis is certainly not fun, and is probably a little confusing for everyone. After being away from SneakerBitch for over a year, my erotic blog is now back where it belongs, on I will be using the domain and the names SneakerBitch and The Sneaker Boy interchangeably.

My blog moved around a bit because I never could get comfortable with it. I moved it away to because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I didn’t identify as sneaker bitch anymore, and the website did not reflect my interests, so I needed to break the blog free from the confines of a dead space that does not reflect me. After selecting an arbitrary domain name ( a few months ago, I have decided that I have to get to the root of the problem and stop implementing half-ass solutions. As a submissive, I know its in my nature to be somewhat flaky and indecisive, but this has gotten to me to the point where I have to take action. I have changed sneakerbitch into being primarily the blog, because that is how the content will stay the most current. I post videos to YouTube and XTube, photos to Flickr, and blog posts here. All of these mediums will be focused here, on this blog.

I’m not removing anything from my site by converting to a blog, but things are getting moved around a little. My sneaker site is now on its own sub-domain (, my gear is now on its own sub-domain (, my stories and interests narratives are available from the menus at the top. These are things that once seemed like components of a coherent website about me and what turns me on, but they have become more of a set of documents portraying the background of my interests, whereas the blog reflects what I’m feeling and thinking on a daily basis. My shoe list and my gear list are maintained as separate catalogs with their own features outside of this website, their infrastructure is too complex to integrate with the blog at this time, although I do have plans to slowly integrate them. That integration has begun on the “My Toys” link at the top, as I have created some highlights pages to detail some of my favorite toys utilizing some of the photos that have been taken of them over time. I hope to do something similar with some of my favorite sneaks and boots in the future as well. One of the reasons for moving away from having the Shoes and Gear sub-systems integrated into into the main website is that they are database driven. They retrieve information in a dispassionate manner, usually being prone to including way too many items. While some people may appreciate the attention to detail in the catalog-style systems, I find them distracting to the mission of this website, which is the exploration of my sexual interests.

From this point forward I will be posting on this blog and site regularly, making my videos, photos, stories and blog posts all available at a central location, and I’m going to stop worrying about the name or the image that may have been previously associated with it.

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