A Vision From A Dream

Tall, muscular, masculine
Dark skin, smooth face
Towering above me
His feet flex as he walks past me
Supported by Air Jordan Fusion 9

His feet fill them perfectly
His every movement mirrored in the white leather
Walking with a smooth even gait

More gliding than walking
My eyes are drawn to his feet
They must be at least a 14

I watch him walk out of sight
He has no idea I would love to lick his sneaks

and feel the gentle warmth
as I slide my hand down his ankle
He came and went in a matter of seconds
he has no idea how I feel
Now I must wake up
Return to my mundane existence
without him.


I’m sitting in the library minding my own business and this dude just walked by the window. Such a fucking boner and now I can’t focus.

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