On the state of my videos.

It seems as though lately when I receive comments on my videos on YouTube, most are abusive and I decline them. A comment left this morning on my Danner PowerLine video was particularly bad, and has resulted in me marking the videos that tend to get the worst comments as “commenting disabled”. The comment was of an anti-gay and hateful nature. I am emotionally stable enough that these really don’t bother me on the personal level, but from a cultural perspective they concern me. No matter how far I think society has come in being accepting of non-heterosexuals, there is always that one extreme case that reminds me that there is still a lot of hate and discrimination that exists. I don’t expect everyone to like my videos, I don’t expect everyone to understand things in the same way that I do. I just think that people should be civilized and not attack just because an opportunity exists. The concerning thing about the level of hate in the comment this morning is that upon reviewing the commenter’s profile, I discovered that the individual is a gun collector, a bit of a scary thought.

I am also concerned that perhaps my videos are not appropriate for such a public audience. Perhaps my videos are actually offensive to a general audience and it is I that is not being considerate. It is these thoughts, combined with the closed-minded nature of most YouTube users who leave comments that perhaps it is time to adjust things and have my videos only available to individuals to whom I give the URL or who find my videos through this blog. Sharing my interests is supposed to be an enjoyable thing, not something that needs my attention in a negative way. I don’t want to have to put up with this shit just because some angry straight guy wanders across my video for whatever reason.

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