Made in USA != Quality

I found a little humor in a recent search looking for information about a specific type of German-made chastity device that I enjoy. The link I found was complimenting a device sold by Mr. S in San Francisco. I personally found this amusing for two reasons. First, buying anything from Mr. S is a joke. Mr. S overprices their hardware and usually it isn’t that good. Second, they state the device is made in the USA, which they believe means it is a better quality device. I personally find that absolutely silly because of the fact that Mr. S mass produces their pieces. They may be hand-made, but they are still assembly-line quality and therefore all very uniform and not necessarily that good. I personally prefer to put my trust in a single German man who has a small staff of people who hand make each and every device per the instructions of their cutomers. I speak of Dietmar Postini of Steelworxx. I believe that their passion for the product and their specialization in that product makes them a much better value and a much better device than anything American made ever could be. These aren’t devices made my underpaid laborers, they are made my skilled German artisans. I say if you want something for torture and control of a boy, buy German, every time.

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