Excerpt from “Art of Shoe Making”

“A particular interest of many shoe fetishists is shoe dangling. […] Gay men into this fetish enjoy when other gay men dangle or loosely wear their sneakers or skate shoes. Many male foot fetishists find this site of this to be erotic and sexually arousing.  ”

“Many male shoe fetishists experience great sexual satisfaction from masturbating while holding the shoes of a man. The act of secretly opening a man’s closet and (unknown to him) taking down his shoes from their resting place and then masturbating with them can be extremely arousing to some men. Added excitement comes from the risk of being discovered. “


For the work of a straight guy, I find this book to be pretty well written and almost insightful into some aspects of things, but I also find some of the assumptions to be a little narrow. For instance, I don’t particularly give a shit if the guy that belongs to the feet I am lusting for is gay or not. I also think that this guy has transformed his own internal desires towards women to representing gay males and their interest in feet, since there is no mention of worshipping practices, only of the staring and the masturbation. Still, It’s nice that shoe fetishists do not have to be completely obscured from public knowledge anymore and that someone is willing to document that the interest exists.


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