I Love Autumn

I love autumn. It is such a great season. Guys are still exposed enough to enjoy, but they start switching into heavier footwear. The sandals go away (mostly) and the sneakers and boots come out. I personally have a few pair of boots that I have been wanting to wear all summer, but haven’t really been able to do so practically because of the heat. I’m going to greatly enjoy the cooler weather and the chance to break in the boots properly. I very much enjoy the feeling of natural leather encasing my leg from my toes up to just beneath my calves. It is almost a sensual experience lacing up the boots and feeling their grasp on my leg each day that I wear them. The boots in question are my Chippewa Super Logger boots, one pair is steel toe, the other is plain. I have only worn each of them a bit this summer, with the plain toe being worn 36 days and the steel toe being worn only 17 days. This fall I am hoping to wear them both a lot more, as they really excite me. I enjoy looking at these boots on my feet, as well as when they aren’t on my feet. I also like smelling and tasting them whenever I get a chance. Even rubbing my hands over these boots feels amazing. Wearing these boots more often will give me more of a chance to become intimately familiar with them and to break them in properly, give them the type of use that they deserve, and when the time comes, the amount of love that they deserve. Looking back at last fall’s records, I see that I wore my black and brown Carolina loggers a good bit of the time. It is quite unfortunate that I never quite got as into those boots as I have into these. None of the brown loggers I have are insulated, so that might be a problem for the colder months, but I do have an insulated pair of black Chippewa loggers, which have this soft lining which makes them feel wonderful on my feet, but they don’t have the same weight or substance that the Super Logger have. I’m looking forward to seeing how these logger boots look after they have been worn for a decent amount of time this autumn.

Photo by Jake (2010).

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