HT: My Current Situation

At the moment my cock is locked in a Steelworxx SteelHeart2 device, and I’m wearing tight jeans (original fit) and a pair of boots that turn me on a lot (Chippewa Super Logger). It is currently like 90 degrees outside and quite humid, so the boots as well as the jeans are a bit uncomfortable in themselves, but the chastity device keeps resting on my left leg, just sitting there, tight against the jeans. There is so much uncomfortable about this, but yet it all turns me on and I find myself on whether or not to change clothes/shoes. I’m sure a pair of basketball shorts and my Nike Air Flight Soarin’ would be more comfortable for the climate, as well as less stressful on my balls, but where is the fun in that?

One thought on “HT: My Current Situation”

  1. Totally hot, dude. Love the thought of you in those tight jeans and sweaty boots. 😛

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