Evil Grapefruit

I have attempted uploading a video to XTube and was told that I had some words that had been banned in my title. The title was “Carolina 8inch Logger Boots Stomp Grapefruit”. I thought maybe they had a problem with Stomp, so I changed it to Crush; that didn’t work. Next I tried removing “Logger”, thinking maybe there were too many flannel daddies on the site. Nope, still not it. What could it be? Carolina, cause it’s a brand? Nope. The last word I changed (after I reduced my title to “stomp grapefruit”) was “grapefruit”. That was it, Xtube forbids GRAPEFRUIT on their site. Can anyone tell me why grapefruit might be a bad thing? I have a banana video to go up next, and I am a little worried, will they think it’s bad too? YouTube had no problem with either of the videos. Just more bullshit from the world’s most stereotypical video pornography site. No room for anything different or creative.

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