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Test Video


I haven’t exactly done a lot of video with my fetish, or with anything else for that matter. This is my first attempt at doing a video on my own without any outside help. I didn’t do anything fancy to it and I was by no means flamboyant with my style. This is just a short simple video of me taking off my Danner Combat Hiker and slipping into my Nike Shox NZ (after briefly trampling them). This was also a test of my photographic softbox with video, and to ensure that I really want to spend time with video (to see if anyone cares about my videos).

One thought on “My Sample Video”

  1. i really like this. your boots are great and the sneaks are too…but i really loved seeing your socked feet. very hot the way you toed the boots off once unlaced. from this boys perspective, i hope u keep up the video making.

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