Considering Some New Sneaks


I haven’t gotten any new sneaks just for style since my Nike Shox NZ, but those are more for fun around the house than out-and-about style. I haven’t really been looking for sneaks lately, but I was out at Carolina Place mall with Jake yesterday and I found this and I kind of like them. I should have tried them on while I was there, but I didn’t since I was already on a mission to get something else done. From what I am seeing online I don’t think they would have had them in my size anyway, but these are on sale from Eastbay, and I have a 20% off discount from them as well, so I’m giving these some serious thought. The only problem is that the only size available for me is a 13, and that is a size too big for me. I am still thinking about it though, since I think this pair of Jordans might just look hot a little loose and sliding around the slightest amount on my feet during the summer.


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