How shiny are your boots?

The other day I decided to reshine my Ft. Lewis 600g, since an earlier attempt had left some of the boot in a situation where there was minor bits of wax flaking off. This would of course be because the wax was applied too heavy and too fast. I was forced to swab the boots with alcohol and take them back down to a fresh surface. After doing that I put the polish back on, this time in a single layer and let it dry overnight. Now I have buffed that initial layer I am trying to decide what to do. I think I like them glossy, but not as absolutely reflective as they were before. How far do you guys take your shine? I’m not talking for parade or for wearing with a suit, I just mean the boots you wear with jeans (or camo). How shiny are your boots?

One thought on “How shiny are your boots?”

  1. i keep my boots shined but they are a dull shine. i polish them regularly but i do not get them so that they are glossy or reflective.

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