Disappointed by Acrylic Again

Once again this morning I was reminded of how badly designed the AL Enterprises chastity devices are. I decided to slip on the CB-6000 before my morning workout to keep my desires in balance, only to realize that the tube was pinching me. At some point, while being stored, the device had managed to split and as a result become almost dangerous to use. I put on the CB-6000 because the Steelworxx Steelheart 2 is just a little too heavy and gets in the way too much to exercise with it on. I can’t believe that at one time I was really excited by the acrylic devices. I suppose at the time it was the only thing within reach that would have the intended feeling. One might think that after so many revisions and updates to the products that AL would get things right and make a device that will not come apart. I suspect they are making too much money on the replacement heads when that happens for them to wish to correct it. I just wanted something that was lightweight and would make my cock feel all secure, and instead I almost got my cock majorly pinched because of the design flaw. I ended up going with the Steelworxx device and everything went ok except for a little more tension on my balls during a workout than I would usually like.

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