Project 365: Day 28

Day 28
Complete kit for capturing and torturing a frat boy.
Slip up behind the boy, get his hands behind him and cuff him. When he starts to yell, stick that ball gag in his mouth and secure it on him. Once you have him in a secure location (preferably somewhere dark and quiet), bend him over a bench and give him a good strong paddling until he is ready to give in to you, then use the nipple clamps to cause him a little sensual discomfort. Finally, run the wheel over his tender body, making him sway and quiver as he wonders what other sadistic plans you have for him. Lick over his body, enjoying his sweat, and his resistance. Pull on the clamp chain gently to remind him who is in control as you begin to run the wheel into more private places on the boy’s body.

One thought on “Project 365: Day 28”

  1. now that’s more like it.
    you’ve got a hell of a head for this. here’s hoping the next 340 some days show the same kind of, edge.

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