Boot Dreams Crushed

I went out looking for boots today. I found several interesting pair, but not exactly what I was looking for. I saw the Carolina loggers, but they were not available in my size, and the other sizes (11 and 12) fit strangely. The 11 seamed to grab too strongly across the arch and the 12 just seemed a bit floppy on me. I needed a happy middle ground, but it wasn’t there. I found a pair of Chippewa loggers, but they were not the color I wanted, they were 73061, the brown version of 73051. I have decided that I want either the Chippewa 73051 or Chippewa 25411 (Super Logger), but it would seem I am going to have to order them and then have a bit of patience about them, since no where locally has what I’m looking for.





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