In The Court of Great Soldiers – Chapter 1 Draft

    In a college basketball locker room, 11 o’clock at night, the place smelling of sweaty jockstraps and the sweet aroma from the players’ socks, Josh woke up, and lifted himself from the bench he was laid out on. Josh stretched his arms above him to get feeling back in them so that he could remove the basketball shoe that had been tied to his face all night.

    The whole thing started innocently enough, Josh had been admiring some of the basketball players, trying to get a first hand look at the guys he had been fantasizing for the past several years. He arrived on the campus for his Friday afternoon chemistry lab, but found that the class had been canceled for the day, leaving him with very little to do for the day, and certainly not wanting to go back to his room to study even more than he already had. Josh felt like such a nerd with the amount he studied, never quite being the one to be very social and certainly not ever knowing how to let loose and enjoy a party. He remembered there being a basketball game that day, but couldn’t quite remember if it was home or away, or even what time it was. He wandered down to the arena and found several people already getting excited for the game, certain that the university’s team was going to win. He saw the players arrive, like an army of athletes they went into the building. Josh couldn’t help himself, he was hypnotized by the cadence of this particular army’s march, he followed, although quite discretely, as they went in. He followed them up the stairs and down the hall until they disappeared into the locker room. He wandered the halls waiting for something to happen. Just as he was about to leave, he saw the coaches approach the locker room. They went in and rounded up the players, sending them onto the court to get a few warm up exercises done before the game. One of the players dropped his student ID as he left, Josh reached down and picked it up. He thought it was his moment to get to meet one, when he returned the ID, but before he could identify the player that had dropped it, the players had disappeared into their temple. Josh wished there was a way he could just drop the ID off and be on his way. He fondled the thin piece of plastic in his hands for a few minutes before remembering the magnetic strip on the back, it would let him into any area the player was authorized for. Josh, with his hands trembling and palms sweaty, slid the ID in the reader on the locker room door, and Josh held his breath for a moment as the reader blinked red and then turned green as the lock slid open.

    Josh looked around before turning the handle and going into the locker room. Why did he feel so sneaky? He was after all just going in to drop off an ID and come back out, right? He entered the locker room timidly and inhaled its air for the first time. It smelled not quite like other locker rooms he had been in. There was no stale urine smell, just the smell off basketball leather and a slight musky scent from where the boys had already begun sweating while horsing around and such. He walked around the room and found the locker belonging to the very attractive basketball player to whom the ID belonged. To his surprise, the locker was open, and there was a basketball shoe nearly falling out of it. He recognized the shoes, he had seen the guy around campus before and been drooling over the guy’s street shoes. He took the shoe out and placed the ID inside, then just as he was turning to put the shoe back in the locker, he did something that shocked even himself. He put the shoe to his mouth and began sucking on its toe, a scuffed field of smooth white leather. His hands when all over the sneaker, rubbing the inside, feeling where the player had been standing, feeling the little bit of moisture that was still damp from the jock’s feet. He rubbed the inside and placed his hand flat where the foot had been, before lowering himself on to the bench to enjoy the flavor of the sole of the sneaker. He had never tasted another guy’s shoes before and found the feeling of the shoe to be quite rough on his tongue. He wasn’t bothered by it, he had wanted to for some time. He smelled the leather, and tasted it too, placing himself into a highly aroused state of relaxation. He was in total bliss, at least until he heard the familiar sound of basketball sneakers in the hallway. Josh dropped the sneaker and ran for the door. They were too close, he couldn’t get out without being seen. What would he do? How could he hide? At the moment when he was preparing to drop to his knees in front of the door and beg the players to forgive him, he spotted the storage room. He ran for it, getting in and closing the door behind himself just as the locker room door burst open with a testosterone powered thrust and a flood of jocks filled the room with their sounds and now the smells of being warmed up. Josh felt odd hiding in the darkness of the room. He tried to make himself comfortable, but kept feeling something poking him where he was trying to lay. He reached behind himself trying to make himself comfortable when he felt something he had only dreamed about… SNEAKERS! He was laying on a bag of old basketball shoes from the previous season that were to be sent to be recycled. He feels them and rubs them. They don’t feel worn out, and the aroma is simply amazing. A whole season of sweat for his nose to enjoy and have fantasy with. He moans quietly as he pulls his cock out and begins rubbing it with the sole of one of the sneakers from the bag. One sneaker over his cock, one over his nose and two dozen more behind his head, he was in heaven. Josh got himself horny enough to get into placing himself face down into the pile, licking any sneaker he could touch while fucking the sole. He humped until he came with great thrust all over the sole of the sneaker. He laid on the pile until he fell asleep. He had dreams of tying down basketball players and licking their sneakers, then taking them by force and spraying his cum all over them. His dreams kept him so occupied that he didn’t wake when the players left the locker room. The next event Josh was aware of was the players returning to the locker room screaming in victory and celebrating the win over their rival team. Josh was terrified, he missed his chance to get out of the locker room unnoticed and safely to the court to watch the game, which saddened him somewhat. He became afraid of what would happen if they found him, and equally important, if they didn’t and he was stuck in the locker room for the night once everyone was gone. Josh considered what to do. He still could not see and was terrified to turn on the light for fear of getting caught. He shuffled around, suspecting he might think better if he were comfortable. In adjusting himself he ran into a ball holder, accidentally releasing the latch, causing an avalanche of basketballs and a lot of noise, to which the locker room itself became dead silent and Josh held his breath.

    The familiar sound of marching basketball shoes that once turned Josh on so much now frightened him as they moved towards the closet door. He was blinded as the door opened. Two of the players grabbed him by his shoulders and threw him onto the floor of the locker room. “What the fuck is this?” yelled one player “Look at this, hes been fucking with our old gear” says another, pointing to the pile in the closet. “Guys, no, I was returning Ryan’s ID and got scared at you guys finding me, so I hid, and then slipped on the bag of shoes, come on guys, please let me go” Josh begged. The guys talked among themselves for a moment, and were about to let Josh go when one of the guys discovered the cum covered shoe, and one that had obviously been cleaned in selective spots. “Not so fast there, whats this about?” and the sneaker was held up to his face.

    Josh: “I’m sorry guys, I didn’t mean to, I just…. just got excited”.

     Player 1: “Excited by what? Our gear?”


Josh blushes and tries to appear innocent.


    Josh: “uhhh… yeah, I guess”.

    Player 1: “Thats sick man. Guys what we going to do about this sick freak?”

    Player 2: “Seems to like our sneakers and I see him staring at my feet, I say we give him what he wants, but on our terms”

    Josh: “Please guys, no, just let me go, please?”

    Player 1: “Nah man, I like the idea, somebody get some rope!”


The players pull some rope from the storage closet and begin tying Josh like a turkey to be roasted. Binding him up his body every few inches from his ankles to his shoulders, then tying him to a bench. Ryan was by this time back in his street shoes, he pulled up a stool and placed his feet on the bench directly in front of Josh’s mouth, causing Josh to whimper and the team to giggle. “You want it don’t you freak?” Ryan temps Josh. Josh only nods timidly. “Yeah, thought so!” and Ryan pushes his foot closer to Josh’s mouth, but just as Josh opens his mouth to accept the sneaker, Ryan pulls it away, and then laughs. Ryan plays a few rounds of keep away with the sneaker and Josh’s face before finally forcing the toe of his sneaker into Josh’s mouth, causing Josh to at first gag, but then moan as he began to suck and enjoy the gift that was placed in his mouth. One of the guys jumped up on the bench and began walking on Josh. Others just rubbed their soles on his body, and some decided to get in a few kicks, especially the guy who noticed his old sneakers had cum on them. Ryan pulled his sneaker out of Josh’s mouth and moved his sneaker around for Josh to get all sides, including the soles. It took Josh several tries to get the soles clean to Ryan’s liking. For every failed attempt, Josh received a hit from the sole of Ryan’s game shoes on his ass. The guys all took turns going by Ryan’s example, some were more gentle, others more harsh. One of the guys even rubbed his rough soles of his street shoes, a pair of Globe skater shoes, over Josh’s face. After all of the guys had their turns with him, Ryan tied his right game shoe to Josh’s face and the other guys gave Josh additional abuse with their feet on his body, he was exhausted and managed to fall asleep tied to the bench while the last player was rubbing his shoes on his back.

    Josh woke up, startled and cold. Some of the rope had been removed, all but a few pieces and the sneaker which reminded him of the events that happened. He looked around, no one was there. He realized that his shoes were gone, his feet were feeling the air conditioning as it circulated through the room. He stood up and then saw them on the bench across from where he had been laid. “What the fuck?” he exclaimed to himself as he saw there was writing on his white running shoes. Then he looked closer and saw that the team had signed his shoes. Ryan’s voice then broke the silence of the room, “they thought you might like it…”.

     Josh recoiled as Ryan approached. Ryan laughed “nah man, no one is going to hurt you, but you know you shouldn’t have been in here unsupervised, right?” Josh nodded in agreement. “In that case, let me take you home.” Ryan offered. Josh accepted. “That is unless you uh… are interested in some of my other shoes…” Ryan said with a somewhat nervous tone as he flexed his toes in his sneaker propped on the end of the bench. Josh blinked and looked at Ryan’s foot before shaking his head in agreement “uh, yeah, that would be fun, but why are you being so nice to me?”. Ryan stepped forward and placed his foot directly on Josh’s crotch, hard enough that he wouldn’t be trying to stand, but not hard enough to cause pain “Not being nice, just giving you a chance to get to know us, or at least for now, me”. As Ryan pulled his foot back, Josh stood up and slid his shoes back on. “No man, you can’t wear those, the team signed them for you!” Ryan yells as he throws an old pair of basketball sneakers, a size or two too large in Josh’s general direction, “wear these instead!”. Josh, not wanting to piss off the basketball player did as he was told and slid into the shoes, carrying his signed sneakers.

    Josh stayed quiet and followed Ryan blindly as they walked to his truck in the parking lot, across campus. Josh could only imagine how it looked, him following directly behind the jock. As he walked, he could feel how sore his body was from being tied down, and from being kicked and abused by the guys. Why was he now trusting Ryan? Was he getting himself into more danger? He was too tired to think anymore, so he got into the jock’s truck and let Ryan drive him back to his place. The drive wasn’t long, perhaps ten minutes at the most. Josh looked around, this couldn’t be right, they were outside of a fraternity house. Ryan got out and encouraged Josh out as well. “You live here?” Josh asked with the deepest vocalization of concern he could find. Ryan found the question odd and gave it a look that matched his interpretation “Yeah, thought you knew that, you have been watching me long enough, and I wear my frat shirt almost every week”. How could Josh have not noticed, simple, his attention had been almost completely on Ryan’s sneakers, which he could navigate blindfolded. They men went into the house, and Ryan let Josh to his room, on the second floor. Ryan opened the door and sent Josh in first, without turning on the light, causing Josh’s heart to beat faster than it already was, and caused a disturbing dry feeling in his mouth. Josh was guided into the room carefully by Ryan, until Josh felt himself run into something solid, but yet soft. Ryan then forced Josh to his knees and pulled his hands behind his back, tying them with what felt to Josh like phone cable. Josh was turned on, but yet nervous. What could Ryan possibly have planned for him?

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