Transformation of Boots

Recently I ran across an auction on eBay for a pair of boots that just called out to me. I felt they needed a good home, and could use a little love. This pair of Danner Acadia arrived this afternoon.

Here is what they looked like before I began working on them:

Below is an image of them as they are now. I cleaned them with a damp cloth, then with Danner’s boot care cleaner. Once the cleaning was complete and the boots were free from dirt, oils and other rocks (had to pick the soles a bit to remove rocks), I began the new surface. I started the surface with some Meltonian Boot/Shoe cream. This worked towards filling in some of the scratches and allowing me to buff them out. Next I used some of Danner’s Leather Conditioner to return the natural luster of the leather. Finally, I changed out the laces for a new pair of original Danner black laces.

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