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I have not really blogged here much lately. I suppose there is not much going on in my erotic life that seems worth noting. I have not added any new sneakers to my collection recently and I have been so busy with school that it seems like I can not seem to make much time for horny fun. In addition, shortly before my last post to this blog, I was questioned as to why this blog still exists, and why I have not rolled everything into my main public blog. As far as I can tell, its is because I am still a little afraid of that, and do not really want a lot of people making the connection between the two parts of myself. The more I think about it, the more I do not like the separation, except in content sometimes. I am still a long way from being able to complete my personal portal that integrates everything perfectly on all sides of everything.

I have been considering writing erotic stories lately as a way to unwind and relax, but I have not found the appropriate topic for a multiple chapter story yet. I am ok with writing simple one-page short stories, but it takes so much time creating the characters and their personalities (if they are at all to be believed) and I REALLY want to have something that I can be proud of at the end. I am not exactly a “quick fuck” type of author. I like a little bit of depth in my literary creations. Any ideas?

My only real news to report on my personal erotic life is that I have been learning how to release control and actually trust another person enough to follow their instructions without question and without running the worst possible case through my head. I  still do not open up too well, but I at least have the desire to open up now. After all, if I don’t open up, how will someone ever be able to properly degrade me, take control of me and find ways to manipulate me?

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