Fetishism Overload

You always think that you have such a modest collection of toys until you spread everything out over your bed and bedroom floor to attempt to organize and categorize things. Tonight Jake and I took all of my toys out of their varying hiding places and bags and such and spread them out. I felt so very overwhelmed by the mere mass of everything there. Some things were just crazy, about 7 full chastity devices, 3 pairs of leg irons, 2 pairs of long chain cuffs, and two belly chains. When will I ever have enough guys around to justify needing all of this stuff. There were also feelings of absolute perversion when looking at the variety of toys I have. This should have not been a shock to me, since everything I have is cataloged and is also represented on this website, but in some ways, the amount of stuff and the amount of space it takes up could never be accurately portrayed in any type of database application.

I know I don’t have the largest collection of stuff, but what I do have is making me feel very perverse and abnormal.

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  1. good… buy more… and then do show and tell with str8 guys and your gear… oops this isn’t the humiliation thread…. 8-P

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