Story: A Fork In The Friendship – Part 1

     Jonathan and Jeremy had been good friends as long as either could remember, but neither could ever remember fighting with the other. Both being 19 years old, they felt like they understood their entire world completely. The trust between the two boys was the strongest bond they had ever known. The two college sophomores always treated each other as equals and never sought to control each other, learning from the abuses and destruction of friendships they had seen around them. The two did everything together, including dates. It was rare for the two boys to go on single dates, it was always a double for them, especially when they were lucky enough to find twins. Jon and Jeremy had made a promise to each other when they began dating that they would remain virgins until marriage, more of a concern for each others’ health than a moral objection.
     It was about six weeks into the spring semester of their sophomore year when their friendship would take the biggest test it had ever known. The two had spent many hours talking the during the evening and as a result slept in during the morning. The boys decided to shower together to save time. About 5 minutes into the shower Jeremy blurted out "Jon, you have a nice cock dude". Jonathan laughed at the comment and shot back "Yeah you too J". A few more minutes passed and the two emerged from the shower, glistening with water, highlighting each and every one of their fine contours. This only further kept Jeremy’s attention to Jonathan’s penis, but Jonathan didn’t notice. The two dressed and went off to their respective classes, agreeing to meet back for a late lunch after classes at around three o’clock. Classes went as they usually do for both of them, they were as attentive as any instructor could hope for during the first warm days of spring. At about five minutes past three o’clock the boys met for lunch, Jonathan noticed that Jeremy was quieter than usual, but had Jeremy been comfortable enough to speak his mind, he may have said the same about Jonathan.
     On their walk back to the dorm, Jonathan brought up the topic that had been on his mind all day. "Jeremy, what was with your comment about my dick this morning in the shower?". Jeremy blushed and responded "Nothing, I was just joking". "Oh, really? Then why so quiet at lunch?" Jonathan inquired. Jeremy stopped where he was and looked absolutely terrified. Jonathan approached him, trying to appear as calm as he could, placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder. Jeremy pulled away from Jon’s attempt to comfort him, something he had never done before. "What the fuck dude?" was Jon’s response to the insulting action. Jeremy silently walked off towards the soccer field beside the residence halls. Jonathan pursued him. Upon reaching the field, Jeremy (being aware of Jonathan’s presence) turned around abruptly and demanded "why are you following me?" Jonathan remained calmed and reassured his friend "I’m just worried about you". With that Jeremy shoved Jonathan and reasserted his need for independence "Well don’t be!" Jonathan went immediately from calm to pissed, punching Jeremy, throwing him to the ground. Jeremy attempted to escape, but Jonathan grabbed his shirt, holding him back. The shirt ripped as Jeremy tried to get up, Jonathan swept his leg in Jeremy’s path, tripping him. Jonathan sat on his friend and demanded to know what was going on. Jeremy remained silent, Jonathan slapped him and continued demanding to know what was bothering him. Jeremy tried once again to escape, but Jonathan held firm, and used some of the rappelling cord in his backpack to tie Jeremy’s hands and ankles. He picked Jeremy up and carried him toward the basement of the residence hall, a common area that was hardly ever used. Jeremy tried to get himself to scream, but found himself unable to do so. He was too scared of the situation, Jonathan, and himself.
     Jonathan stood in front of Jeremy in the large room. Jeremy was on his knees, his hands tied firmly behind his back with black rope, his naked torso glistening with sweat in the dimly lit room. Jonathan looked down at Jeremy, looking at this person he had called a friend since kindergarten. He could barely believe that he is the one responsible for the bruises now beginning to redden across Jeremy’s face and chest. Jeremy looked only at the ground, himself looking lost and unsure of the situation. Jonathan walked toward Jeremy. Jeremy could see Jonathan’s black leather sneakers enter his limited field of vision and he began trembling, not knowing what his friend intended to do to him next. Jonathan circled Jeremy several times before putting his hand on Jeremy’s neck and calmly repeating his request again. "Come on dude, what is it you are keeping from me that has caused all of this?". Jeremy considered not responding, but realized that things would only get worse. He took several deep breaths before whispering to Jonathan "If I tell you, then you will hate me, and I don’t know that I can deal with that". Jonathan shook his head in displeasure with Jeremy’s answer.
     "Come on man, you are closer to me than my brother" Jonathan insisted as he knelt in front of Jeremy. Feeling humiliated, defeated and beginning to feel the sting of the physical fight earlier, gives in and tells Jonathan "It’s about this morning. I really do think you have a nice cock". "So does every chick whose ever seen it, whats the big deal about that?" Jonathan assures him. "Yeah well, I think I’m bisexual man, I’m turned on by your cock". Jeremy tries walking backward on his knees, expecting his statement to result in physical punishment. Jonathan laughs, almost hysterically, "You think I didn’t know that? I’ve been reading your diary since junior high, and I’ve seen you looking me over every time I’m naked". A feeling of embarrassment rushes over Jeremy, feeling as though he has been completely exposed, he then realizes that his own cock is stiffening. Jonathan giggles again, grabbing at his friend’s crotch, "You got to do something about this dude, you were getting wood while I was kicking your ass earlier." Jeremy hadn’t realized it, but Jonathan was right, he was turned on by what was happening. He continued blushing and returned to staring at the floor, locking every muscle in his body, set on taking control of his own body and not succumbing to his perverse sexual feelings.
     Jonathan stood back up, feeling relieved that he had broken through his friend’s wall, but also intrigued by the very vulnerable state he saw Jeremy in. He called to Jeremy, who then raised his head, two stared as they began trying to uncover all of the hidden things in each other by looking into each others’ eyes.

Creativity doesn’t happen in a bubble. Please feel free to comment and critique. Plot suggestions going forward are also appreciated.

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