Thoughts on Chastity

I have had a wide range of chastity experiences with varying devices. My first chastity experience was when a friend lent me his CB-3000 for a few months. I found it to be a reasonable device, but somewhat large for the size of my penis at the time. Some time later I obtained the CB-2000, which was a much better fit for me, but after one of the bars broke I began to become more and more unhappy with the line of devices. Still, I kept going and eventually obtained a CB-3000 head to go on my 2000 kit. By that point, my cock had grown significantly and the CB-3000 was a good fit for me, except for the pain from under the balls and an odd reaction on my cock to the acrylic tube (perhaps moisture related). Another problem with this device was the head cracked and had to be replaced a few times. Finally, the CB-6000 was released and a friend bought a pair of them (one for me and one for himself). Other than the pinching when the device went on, it was overall more comfortable and felt more secure than the previous devices. That feeling lasted all of about 20 days or so before the tube split apart and also had to be replaced. Since that replacement I have barely touched the device and began to pull away from chastity because there was no good way to do it.
This brings us forward to the steel devices. Last January I obtained the Mr. S Spider Pod (after a little confusion in the order). The weight of the device was wonderful and the security is unsurpassed. Only problem is that the device hangs on to the cock and balls like a mousetrap, which makes it a little uncomfortable unless worn with a jockstrap, and some of us do not wear jockstraps daily. In addition, its weight caused a lot of rubbing and almost every erection is really painful. The device is overall bulky and not practical for long term wear.
Now, for the current device. I am in a SteelHeart 2 chastity device by Steelworxx. The device is custom fit to my anatomy, and fits me fairly securely, even given my wide range of sizes throughout the erectile process. The weight of the device is nice. It isn’t very heavy, but it isn’t flimsy either. I have become quite attached to this device.
Now for my actual thoughts (since apparently with these thoughts you get a free chastity biography)… I think that the CB-6000 is a great starting device for a lot of guys. If you aren’t sure you are really into chastity or not, try the CB-6000, it is a great device for short term. The CB-6000 however, is not for long term use or for anything hard core at all. The devices by A.L. Enterprises (all CB-X000 devices + Curve) are designed for straight white women to lock on their middle-aged husband’s cock while he goes on a business trip, or while she is off having her own weekend affair. It works well for that, but it was never designed for any type of serious chastity. My recommendation for anyone seriously into chastity (even if not very long term) is to go with a Steelworxx device, before the head of the CB device breaks. The Steelworxx devices may seem expensive, but in the long run they are a very good deal. I have not met anyone yet who has had a CB device that didn’t split at some point. Plastic is cheap, until you add up the maintainance costs. Steel is forever. This isn’t to say that the acrylic devices are completely useless. I believe they are very appropriate to wear during sports, while flying, or anything involving a lot of activity.
To say the least, I am very happy with the quality of the Steelworxx device and I feel like I have finally met a chastity device that I really like.

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