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It seems as though there are people who have a lot of horny ideas, who either do not write erotic stories or write very few erotic stories, and then there are the Nifty trolls who write erotic stories that have 50 chapters or more that are really redundant and lack emotion. I would much rather read something in the first category than in the second. I am highly interested in erotic stories involving sneakers, boots, bondage and/or chastity. Unfortunately, many of these categories have no writers with any level of dedication, which makes them very sparse.  On the positive side, those writers usually recognize how rare they are and have standards for their work. On the other side of this, I really wish the author of “I Had No Idea” would take hold of their manuscript with the writing hand (erotic stories are written one-handed after all ;-)) and shove the whole 42 parts up their ass and stop spamming all story repositories with their absolute trash. Take the hint dude, you suck and no one cares about you and your “boy” Alex. I really hate when a story starts of really promising, such as “I Had No Idea”, but then they begin to degrade their early quality by a lot of trash sequels. Also on that topic though, there are authors who can pull of a long duration story with great success. I do not recall the story title, or the author’s name, but he used to hang out in the Mr. S Dungeon forum, and he managed to pull of a 175 page (8.5×11) erotic novel with great success.

I used to avoid some erotic stories because they floundered in relationship land too much, and then the general climate changed and things got better, and people started writing more action oriented stories. I find myself now bored because a lot of erotic stories are lacking in substance.

I believe that the decline of the BBS has been greatly responsible for the decline in quality of erotic texts. I partially blame Nifty because they give readers no way to respond to the writer except through email, which is becoming a more prickly medium every day. Writers only share their work because they want feed back on it, or wish to share their ideas with the world. That desire does not function in the vacuum of cyberspace in its present commerce-focused incarnation.

I feel as though I am straying a bit too far from my actual topic here. I would love for people to write more. I wish it were easier to share and talk about stories, and perhaps even collaborate. Unfortunately to do that, a system would have to be constructed that has the ability to defeat Nifty and its multiple mirrors in overall attack surface in Google.

I personally enjoy writing erotic stories, but I have no good way to share them, and people around me do not seem to like reading things that I have written that much. At one time I considered adding a major stories section to SneakerBitch (not just my stories, but those of others as well), but that fell through when I lost contact with the other person that I was planning it out with. No one else has been around who seems to feel the same way. Another thought I had was creating a special stories blog where I would write short erotic fiction, then I thought, I have enough blogs already. The possibility remaining is to use this blog for that purpose (in addition to its normal function), which could work, and potentially lead back to the original idea.

In general, writing erotic stories is hard for people because it requires digging deeper than the thoughts triggered by the hard on to find the deeper meaning behind the erection, and to find the actual emotions. To have characters with depth you must be willing to let yourself go, and let yourself becoming the character. Having had two creative writing courses, this part of the process is somewhat easier for me, but still presents a challenge because the writing comes from a very personal and intimate space in my mind. It is always interesting to witness someone who is having “plot difficulties” in erotic stories, only to later find that the problem is not with the plot, but with the character. If you have quality characters and take the time to understand them, including developing a backstory and full psychological profile, then the stories should pretty much write themselves. The only other flaw I often find is as I mentioned above, the redundancy of characters and plot events, just put together in a different order. However, doing that very thing can make writing your first few stories a little easier, taking your own characters and plugging them into a known plot. A lot of times this can lead to an entirely new plot (just borrowing the jumping off point).

I hate the way text has been degraded by videos. I remember when the Internet was full of photo-stories, that was the best of both worlds. Stories got some illustration and photos got a story. Maybe I should get together with a friend and set an example of my ideal erotic entertainment world.


Addendum: Has anyone noticed that no one really writes erotic plays that could be converted to porn?

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  1. I write a lot of erotic stories involving boots and shoes some sneakers. Are you interested in hearing them. What size boot do you wear? What are some of your secret erotic fetishes? Lets get a chat going to see if our stories and ideas match.

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