Erotic Stories with A Dialect Guide

Too many forms of writing take away the simple joy of getting to experience unique dialects of English. I ran across an erotic story earlier that has a guide to how to read it. Something kinda horny about getting to read it in its native language without any filters.

"Note on Dialect: For non British, or for that matter, non Yorkshire
readers, I’ll give a few hints on the dialogue.  I prefer stories where the
characters sound like I do, but for the uninitiated, `Tha’ `Thy’ & `Thine’
are basically `You’ `Your’ and `Yours’. `Summat’, `Owt’ `Ee’ `Wi’ and
`Bray’ are `Something’, `Anything’, `He’, `With’ and `Thump’… `Thesen’
and `Mesen’ are `Yourself’ and `Myself’ respectively & c.!…  and they say
English is all the same language!"

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