Pondering Submissive Relationships

Seeing a couple on Recon tonight got me to thinking about submissive relationships. I have known a lot of submissives in my life, many of which are unhappy people, or people with no self confidence. Dominants are often arrogant and have way too much self confidence, and there a bad match is made. Can submissives that haven’t accepted themselves and don’t like themselves actually please a dom? I don’t think they can. The couple I found this evening, USArmyJock, got me to thinking about this. The sub, Apollo, comes across as a very confident person. His eyes and gentle smile assure the viewer of the images that he is comfortable in his position, and he is comfortable with himself. Can two men in a power relationship be happy with each other if they are not happy with themselves?


One thought on “Pondering Submissive Relationships”

  1. No one can be happy with someone else if they’re not first happy with themselves… it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is.

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