Lack of Male Trampling on YouTube

There is a noticeable lack of male on male trampling on YouTube. It seems as though every time I search YouTube looking for a guy in sneakers, or guys trampling other guys with sneakers, I run across a much higher percentage of femdom videos than anything else. As a gay male fetish community, we need to get more content that is specific to us in rotation. I am just as guilty as everyone else, I have done no videos of any significance for YouTube or XTube, so I need to get busy showing off my sneaks on video, maybe doing a stomp or two, and if I get really ballsy, I’ll beg a certain best friend of mine to trample me on video.

There are two distinct ends to the trampling spectrum:
This guy is starting to bore me, its the same stuff every time, but at least he is doing it. Very basic, very hot trampling, but there is no creativity.

This group:
Their videos are hot, creative and get a cock throbbing. Its true they are professionals, but there is no reason why with a little planning, any of us couldn’t do videos as hot or hotter than these.


In general, we gay sneaker lovers need to do more to express our fetish interests to avoid being overrun by the femdom types.

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