Gay Fetish “Book” Club

I just had this idea after talking to my friend Jared earlier. We have been discussing the story I previously wrote about, and he joked that it seemed as though we were a book club. So, heres the idea… guys read erotic fiction, in the form of books, stories (through Nifty or whatever), then get together online once a month to discuss as a group. Also using a listserv configuration for communication throughout the month would be an added bonus, to allow for fluid discussion of the "selection" as well as nominating other potential selections to be read in future months.


General rules would be something like this:

1. Stories must be fetish based, not just gay romance, or hardcore fuck/suck
2. Stories or books must be easily available for reading online or fairly inexpensive via
3. Stories should be long enough to require several days to read, but shouldn’t exceed the length of a normal romance novel.
4. Discussions should be of a literary nature, focusing on the actions of the characters and the quality of the plot

I would love to see the reading of an erotic story become a more refined experience that is savored, and not just a quick wank to bad fiction.

Does anyone think this is a good idea? Does anyone want to participate? Email if you want to get this started.

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