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I would say that XTube Sucks, but that would be giving them too much credit. I am not talking about XTube’s amazing house videos or their decent partner videos, I’m talking about the XTube community amateur videos. Most of the videos on Xtube are simple wanking. If you search “sneaker” you get a lot of guys wanking off with or on their sneakers, nothing else. Its pretty fucking redundant. Why would someone want to watch something they can do themselves? Sometimes it can be fun to jerk off in competition with the videos to see who will cum first, yourself or the video, but for those of us who aren’t allowed to cum, that isn’t much fun. Today I tried a search term I haven’t hit in a while “cuffs”, thinking I might find some decent bondage and struggling, nope, found a lot of guys jacking off with their hands cuffed to their cock. How original! Also for cuffs, a lot of videos of guys wanking off or shoving dildos in their ass, not involving cuffs at all. I thought for sure when I searched for “rope” I would find something better, and I did… one video of a muscle guy rope tied in a chair, the most erotic thing I have seen on XTube in a while. Another popular term for me is “slave”… I like to see guys submit and see them treated pretty harsh… for that search I am rewarded by hundreds of guys who are in painful situations (tied/weighted balls, or maybe some nipple clamps or a dildo) jerking off on video for their “Master”. I used to think the term “chastity” was safe on XTube, and that it would reflect guys being locked up or guys talking about their experience in chastity. That was the case for a while, now it is guys trying to jack off in chastity, guys unlocking their devices and jacking off, guys fucking themselves with dildos in chastity and now the most recent favorite, feminization.
I decided to step away from my typical terms today and try “college” and “frat”. It filters it down to college guys jacking off… a good way to avoid the daddy types I suppose. Most interesting thing I saw in either of those was a frat boy who lost a bet and had to jack off and post the video. As a general rule on XTube, good amateur videos will last 24 hours or so, but then their high level of traffic is noticed and the video gets pulled. Hence, we get back to lame jerking videos, unless you want to be teased by the sample house videos.
I do make some exceptions to the jerk off video, and thats when the guy is really hot, talks to the camera and seems genuinely interested in what hes doing. This example can be seen in the 3rd sample video below. Another example of this is the work of NikeShox26, he is the horniest sane Canadian I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. There were many nights long ago when I would watch him jerk off on his sneaks on cam because I asked him too, and then there was a very special night when I got him to drink beer from his right NIke Shox VC II and then a few moments later I got him to piss in and drink from his left sneaker. Anyway, point is, this guy gets into his sneakers and its almost never just wanking. He is energetic and fit and shows his love for sneakers. I worry about him socially though, since he seems to have parties with his sneakers.
The first video is the rope bondage video I mentioned before, the second is what I consider to be a fairly hot video of a guy being collared (you always see collars on, but never get to witness such a very special moment) right before he is taught how to suck cock. The third is the cute guy teasing the camera with his cock and expressing how he feels while hes jerking off.
Some of my favorite videos presently are:

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