Macro vs. Standard Photography

I recently purchased an advanced camera, some close up filters and a macro lens. I have tried photoing sneaks with just the camera and its zoom, as well as with the macro lens. I have had a lot of fun trying both with Jake, but I can not figure out which I like best. I think for aesthetics, I like the standard photos, but for erotic factors, I love the macro. Nothing like looking at pics and knowing exactly what the soles will be like on your tongue. Its like adding another element to the two dimensional expression of things erotic. I can’t explain it, but somehow seeing the grain of leather or the texture of fabric on sneaks up close makes me almost able to smell what the sneaks will smell like.
Here are some samples:
Normal (no macro):


Which do you like better? Comment and let me know 🙂

2 thoughts on “Macro vs. Standard Photography”

  1. let me clarify:
    I agree with your statements in regards to each of the lenses strengths.
    I think they each hold their own allure…
    but the simple truth is, they both make my dick hard!

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