Clarification about Snakes

To clarify my previous post for those of you who think that either snakes turn me on or that snakes don’t scare me. I am absolutely terrified of snakes, I can’t stand being around snakes, not even when they are behind 2″ of glass.
The fear is important for me. I get easily turned on when I am scared. If I am chained securely and something like that is presented to me, I will likely be screaming, squirming, trying to break free until the creature comes into contact with me and I realize that there is nothing I can do about it, and that I must just submit and try to not piss off the snake by moving too much. At the moment when I am helpless and I am terrified, I realize that I am at my most vulnerable. I will agree to anything to get the snake off of me, or its possible that my captor will be deaf to my pleas and begging, and leave me to endure the torture of the snake until either my captor is pleased, or until I pass out. Either way, it is a very erotic situation for me.
I hope this clears some things up for the three of you who told me how much you hated my previous post.

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