Feeling the Need for Captivity

Doesn’t this look inviting? For reasons I can not figure out, I am starting to crave being contained in a heavy steel cage for a while. I have my little pup cage, but it is very small, and also doesn’t give me the feeling of real captivity (since the cage bends and flexes and has now become a bit warped). I have several large Master Lock padlocks that are very heavy and are all keyed uniquely, this cage seems like the perfect place to use one. In the past few weeks I have grown very submissive and things like this have begun appealing to me more. I don’t know how long I could stand being locked in this cage, but I wouldn’t mind finding out, with someone else holding the key. I could see myself in the cage in my leather collar, fist mitts and CB6000, with not much else on, eagerly awaiting a hot pair of sneakers or boots to come by that need a good licking.

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