Boots Oiled

My Chippewa loggers are my first boots that have a smooth leather material, but don’t have a wax coating, therefore, they are the first I have ever had to apply oil to. I have polished my Ft. Lewis and other combat boots, and performed several types of footwear maintainance to my sneakers and other boots, but this was by far the most unique of the experiences. I used bee oil to oil the boots. At first I tried to use a cloth to apply the oil, but that so didn’t work, the oil went into the cloth, not the boot. I finally gave in and oiled by boots with my fingers. It was like giving my boots a massage, it was a very erotic experience for me. My fingers covered in bee oil, and the smell of the leather from the loggers as I rubbed and massaged the oils into them, and both my hands and the boots becoming warm from the affectionate rubbing I was doing.

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