Pictures Added to Chippewa Logger Boots Page

A few days ago there was a request for pics of Chippewa logger boots (some guy hadn’t seen them before) in the Work Boots Yahoo Group that I am a member of. At that time I updated the page for one of my favorite pairs of boots to include images that had been taken over their life to present.
Updating the page with these pics has made me think about the lack of images for the rest of my collection. I don’t have any intention on becoming like Jake, because I don’t like my pages show sneaks all nice and neat and orderly like he does, but I do want to work on getting some pics of me wearing everything I own up on their pages. I think it will make the pages more interesting and make me overall more optimistic about it being there, as opposed to just throwing links to the page to people when they bug me to see what I own. I want to feel good about that page and have it be as present in my mind as anything else that I have that I created personally (I’m suspecting detachment from the pages because its Jake’s code running them, not mine).
If any of my readers have any requests for what you would like to see in the pics, then those readers should post a comment to this post and let me know.
Link: Chippewa Logger Boots Gear Page

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