Slaveboy Timberlands

The last few days I have been wearing a pair of Timberland boots that make me feel very submissive. These boots are new, but before my feet first went into them, Jake shot his load all down in them and made me put them on my feet. He told me they are slave boots. The last few nights I have slept with them on and also worn them during the day, for workouts, etc. In the past 24 hours, I have been switching between the boots and CJ’s Cortez, when I’m wearing one pair, I am licking the other. I wore the Cortez to class today, when I got home, I knelt in front of the Timberlands and licked them all over. Tonight I will sleep in the Timberlands and lick the Cortez until they shine. Makes it a little more degrading when I remember that CJ wore them in jail for two weeks. Only thing I presently regret about this situation is that there is no one around currently to keep me in chains while I wear these boots, somehow it feels like that would complete things.
When I wear the Timberlands I crave the taste of cum and I desire for my cock to be controlled. What I think I crave most is the degredation of wearing these Timberland boots while I am forced to lick the soles of another guy’s Timberlands and while he tells me why his boots are superior and tells me how much I am his bitch.

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