New Sneaks: Nike Zoom 20-5-5

Ever see something that you just absolutely drool over and have to have when you see it? Thats the way I felt when Jake got his new Nike Zoom 20-5-5 sneaks. He felt unique with his, so I went with a slightly different color to let him keep his unique, but at the same time, have some really hot sneaks myself 🙂 These sneaks are no longer available through retail channels so I got them on eBay.

They feel so fucking good on my feet, and the two straps across the forefoot and the midfoot make them ultra secure. The laces on these are very interesting. They are an almost rope-like material. Heavier and thicker than the average laces, and with a lot more texture. There is nothing wimpy about these sneaks.
One of the most interesting aspects of these sneaks is that the right and left are not mirrors of each other. They are designed as a pair, but certain attributes are different between the two sides.

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